Researcher Claims To Have Found An Alien City On Titan

An image taken from Saturn’s satellite could reveal that not only is there life, but it is intelligent.

Scientists have long guaranteed that Titan is one of the most incredible places to start looking for signs of life. However, an image taken from Saturn’s satellite could reveal that not only is there life, but that it is intelligent .




The image investigated by Waring.

The controversial specialist and U̳F̳O̳logist, Scott C. Waring , supervisor of the online interface Ufo Sightings Daily, has distributed an image of Titan taken by the radar of the European Space Agency.

It shows what could be an alien ship entering a developed city.

Intelligent life on Titan?

Waring said he was taking a look at a photograph of the satellite, which was taken thanks to the Cassini orbiter’s radar.

While enumerating it, he saw that in the lower right corner is a forged round cylindrical design. It is hidden in the background, but at the same time it is huge.

Although it was difficult for him to appreciate its exact size, he agrees that it would be around 25 miles wide. The ideal size to house an alien colony.


Waring guarantees that it is unimaginable that nature would have done something like this on Titan, so it is undoubtedly an alien city. The specialist recommends that it may very well be a ship that arrived there to do some work or simply to rest.

On the left side, the element is similarly tighter, as if it were a circle, which is presumably the front of the ship.

Also, this could not be something entirely unusual, especially when many scientists have revealed for decades that Titan is a perfect candidate to search for life.




Experts agree that Titan is an optimal place for life to be conceived.

Saturn’s natural satellite has a surface with lakes, streams, and oceans. However, these regions are enveloped in fluids of methane and ethane, unlike water.

This causes the air on the surface to overflow with nitrogen and methane, making it poisonous to human existence. In any case, what makes us think that an alien life that has grown uniquely in contrast to us couldn’t live on Titan?

Cassini-Huygens missions, over the last few years, have provided data on the synthetic creation of the satellite. This has led specialists to identify the presence of polyimine, which could mean that there is life in very cold temperatures.

In fact, in its early days, life on Earth began thanks to the presence of hydrogen cyanide and polyimine.

According to computer simulations carried out by experts, all this data points to what has been found on Titan is a prebiotic chemistry. That is, a series of requirements that could finally give rise to life as we know it.

Could this be proof that there is an alien civilization inhabiting Titan?

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