“We Live Inside a Very Complex Matrix Powered By An Alien Race,” – NASA Researcher Claims

One of NASA’s most well respected scientists, Nick Bostrom, has made a daring assertion about our world around us, stating that we are all trapped in a simulation and are being held at bay by a clever alien civilization far off in another galaxy.

He did make a Matrix reference in his statement, but he quickly stressed within his statement that the picture and the reality we live in must be two separate things. In this scenario, there is the simulation that we are in, then there is what is being controlled by another civilization, potentially, an alien one.

Take a Look At This Video Why He Thinks The Universe is A Simulation:

Rich Terrile, an astronomer from the video above agrees with this approach, suggesting that in the next ten years or so, we will be able to adequately build a computer simulation of this massive size. Richard grew up a catholic and defines God as the ‘creator of heaven and earth, of all things.’ God is also a supreme being that keeps things in existence. According to Richard, but this really got him thinking.

As a catholic, at least born and raised, he became a scientist. Science supposedly is the understanding of the nature of the physical world. Looking outside the sphere of reality and seeing the clockwork of how the universe works.

The hard reality of Science is the science is the discovery of the mathematical framework which explains our observations. The astonishing thing about our universe is that it’s mathematical.

In the video below here, we are shown to be nothing more than physical bodies trapped in liquid-filled tanks, kind of like in the film avatar. How similar! But according to Nick, we don’t even have a body in real life since we are nothing more than brain particles scattered over the brain’s network of circuits. What a theory, huh? How does that make your body feel!? ha!

What makes it so improbable now that something has previously occurred in a more advanced civilization if we’re so close to them?

Terrile himself mentions Moore’s Law, which does state that computer capacity doubles every year. Based on this growth rate, we will be able to calculate and recreate every living human existence on Earth in roughly 80 years. How wild is that?

Do you think that we live in a simulated world? or a natural world? Or do you believe we live somewhere in the middle in some sort of hybrid world?


Does NASA Communicate With Aliens?

On August 15th, 1977. A strange signal was received by the big ear radio telescope. This signal reached an intensity up to 30x the normal signal and lasted for 72 seconds. This signal sparked a lot of changes within NASA and space communication. This signal is believed to have the greatest likelihood of being emitted by intelligent beings.

In a vast universe, science is convinced that there must exist or must have existed extraterrestrial intelligence. In this vastness, it would seem that there is fullness of life out there. Humans have searched for it with state of the earth telescopes, and more.

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