Discover the Apollo 20 Mission, the secret mission and the alien girl “Mona Lisa”

The Apollo 20 program

is Apollo 20 considered one of the most controversial cover-ups in history. In 2007, several videos were uploaded to YouTube and the user who provided them claimed that they were footage taken from Apollo 20.

The grainy video appears to have been captured on 16mm film and shows the interior of the Apollo 20 command module, as well as what appears to be the intricate structure of a lunar city in the desert.
Structure photographed by Apollo 20 on the moon

William Rutledge, who qualified as the first astronaut, said the mission took place in 1976 as a dangerous union between Soviets and Americans. He was chosen to join the team because he was an atheist , which was rare among astronauts in the 1970s.
Rutledge claimed that the Apollo 14 mission flew over the Moon’s south polar region, seeing numerous spacecraft and abandoned cities, including tower-like structures. and Apollo 20 landed near Delporte Crater its mission was to explore a cigar-shaped mothership abandoned 1.5 million years ago.

Once inside, the astronauts found two alien bodies . The male was dead but well preserved, so they retrieved the female nicknamed Mona Lisa . She had a humanoid body, six fingers, and her features were human, although she lacked nostrils.
Humanoid body of a woman named Mona Lisa found

Rutledge described her as being in a suspended vital state, neither dead nor alive. It was attached to the spacecraft’s control panel with a series of tubes that entered the body of the spacecraft and were covered in a wax-like substance. She was brought to earth and he suspects she was revived and kept secret somewhere to this day.

The male was also brought ashore and autopsied.

Astronauts collected as much technology as possible and began their journey back. William Rutledge is 78 years old and now lives in Rwanda. Due to his age, he says he no longer feels threatened by the secrecy to which he swore allegiance at the time of the mission.

He also stated that it’s not up to NASA or anyone else to keep things of this magnitude hidden from the world.

Here a video of Monnalisa.

For some, however, there are rumors of a perfect hoax, with testimony from those who planned it. A WikiBooks page would indicate in this case that the alleged secret mission is actually staged by a French video artist named Thierry Speth , who apparently admitted to releasing the footage on July 9, 2007.

But about why he would have done this, there are no news, hypotheses or even indiscretions. So you can’t really hypothesize the truth and why NASA should have covered it up.

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