Bizarre Creature Like Demogorgon From The “Stranger Things” Movie Was Recorded In India

Last week, a mysterious monster that broke into a business in the Indian state of Bihar caused chaos.

An odd animal that had purportedly broken into the store the previous night was sighted wandering inside on Thursday, which caused a disturbance outside a store in the Muzaffarpur region of the Indian state of Bihar.

As soon as word of this began to circulate, a sizable throng began to gather.

According to some, this creature resembles the Demogorgon from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

An individual who was well-known in the community made an effort to calm the crowd by advancing the hypothesis that the monster was not a Demogorgon but rather an extraterrestrial that must have traveled from another planet. But it was ineffective.

But the enigmatic creature, which obviously resembles a cat, was probably a cat that managed to enter the city from the neighboring woodland. However, not all shared this viewpoint.

Have you ever seen a feline-like that? One of the locals informed them that this beast was not at all like cats.

It’s unknown what precisely happened to the creature when everything calmed down.

The video is available to view below:

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