Earth Has Received “29 Alien Messages” From Space.

Among the files that the NSA (National Security Agency of the United States) has declassified, there is an official document in which it is understood that there have been communications with extraterrestrials, via radio messages.

It seems surprising but it is real, the document entitled “ Key to extraterrestrial messages ” by H. Campaigne, describes  29 messages received  through radio communications from space.

The introductory text of the document tries to explain that the messages are not the product of any interference due to their repetitive nature and grammatical structure and could be communications sent by extraterrestrial beings.

“Recently a number of radio messages have been recorded from space. The transmission was not continuous, but broken up by pauses which could be considered units since they were repeated many times.”

“Pauses define the punctuation included in the message. The multiple combinations have been represented with letters of the alphabet so that the messages can be translated into text. Each message, except the first, is recorded only once. The serial number of the messages was provided with each reference”.

The document does not establish in which facilities  the radio message was received , nor if any other communication was received.


If this is confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, we could assume that American agencies are preparing the ground for what would be a revelation of greater scope, the true state of relations between the governments of planet Earth and the  extraterrestrial civilization.

When it comes to UFOs , one of the most repeated phrases is that humanity is not yet prepared to understand and react calmly to an extraterrestrial visit.
Here we ask ourselves, are we not prepared yet?

Perhaps they are preparing us little by little, which is why this campaign of publication of official documents by the  FBI , the  NSA  and the  UK Ministry of Defense, among other organizations, has begun.

It is clear that if any world government were to reveal that they are in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations the world would panic, probably on a smaller scale than it did ten or fifteen years ago, but the revelation would still have a very strong effect.

Therefore, we might think that the only way to reveal something so delicate is to do it little by little, with news that slowly prepares our minds, and with documents like this, published in a completely natural way.

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