China finally reveals the secret of the Moon – There are buildings from another planet on the Moon

The possibility of colonizing space is already a reality, and China is already putting its cards on the table. The People’s Republic of China has unveiled a sophisticated space colonization strategy that will begin in 2017 and end in 2022 with the arrival of the first man on Mars.

China intends to study the lunar surface in the moon’s dark region with the Chang’e 4 (later Chang’e 5) space mission and create a permanent facility that will act as a station or intermediary for a transit to Mars in the future.

The main objective of Chang’e 4 is to collect information on the surface of the Moon in order to build a base there. The objective of the next mission is to bring as much data back to Earth as possible.

No one else, not even NASA, has been able to do what China has done. To illustrate how the rest of the planet sees the dark side of the Moon. The images are also quite disturbing.

For starters, we all assume that the Moon’s surface is white, as that’s how it appears in all official NASA photos and images.

Despite this, we can see that the surface of the Moon is similar to ours in many ways. As we can see, the sand is not white or gray, but brown and yellowish. Why would NASA want to alter images like these? Was there something he was trying to hide?

Take a look at the images below to see if we can discover the answers to these questions. We can see that there are other unfavorable aspects of the landscape that we could also like. A fascinating oddity can be seen from a distance if one looks closely at the images.

As we can see, it has some strange features. These structures look artificial and are well delineated.

The only conceivable explanation for such buildings is that they are products of an extraterrestrial society or were created by NASA because nature is chaotic and devoid of clearly defined angles and patterns. What’s stopping you?

They may have altered the lunar pH๏τographs they display for this reason. The style of the buildings, as far as we can tell, is noticeably more comparable to the man-made structures, making this the most likely scenario.

an interstellar hunter Interesting buildings were captured by Streetcap1, which we can see in more depth on his YouTube page.

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