Miners in Siberia unearthed a strange statue of an angel with a shield and sword

Miners from the Elga ( Yakut ) coalfield in Siberia unearthed a strange statue in the form of a woman. The statue has a sword, a shield and behind it you can see a pal of wings, everything indicates that the statue is of an angel. So many people have come to think that it could belong to the ancient fallen angels . Miners in Siberia unearthed a strange statue of an angel with a shield and sword

This is an amazing discovery, where the entire scientific community has expressed interest in knowing more about the amazing discovery of the famous statue found in Siberia.

The statue was unearthed by an excavator.

There is no doubt about the emission that these miners feel when they stand next to the statue that currently keeps millions of people intrigued.

If the translation is correct, they say they cannot describe or say what it is, and special helicopter services will now arrive to pick up the statue at an undisclosed location. Further study and research by experts may be needed to determine the significance of this potentially valuable ancient artifact. But since the Special Services are involved, it remains to be seen if we will hear anything about it in the future. Oh they will just disappear the strange artifact and leave us full of doubts as it has happened thousands of times.

Video of the statue unearthed in Siberia

The video of the statue that was unearthed by miners in Siberia will be shown below. As the news is very recent, it is all the information that is available. However, Amur residents do not cease to show their fascination with the strange sculpture.

credito del video; Canal de Youtube: Hard Day: An angel with sword and shield was found by the miners.Mineros en Siberia desenterraron una extraña estatua de un ángel con un escudo y una espada

Although there are already speculations that the video may not be real. Some Amur people have even said that the statue belonged to a camp and unknown people decided to make a video and post it on social networks. But as we already said, these are speculations, we are still waiting for official news from Siberia to disclose the whole truth about the statue of the mysterious angels that keeps us intrigued.

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