Now we know how aliens make their UFO’s and how they control them

According to Dr. Steven Greer, who leads a group advocating for the public revelation of the government’s contact with extra-terrestrials from space, the government has been secretly aware of and studying extra-terrestrials and their spacecraft since the 1940s.

Greer gathered more than 400 government officials’ testimonies. Greer has come to the conclusion that his research “establishes beyond any doubt the reality of extra-terrestrial life forms, UFOs or extra-terrestrial vehicles, and advanced energy and propulsion technologies resulting from the study of these vehicles,” according to the website run by Greer’s organisation.

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The research was deemed “absolutely first-rate” by Dr. Ted Loder, an earth sciences professor at the University of New Hampshire who has been working on the subject for five years.

“It has been kept secret for the past 50 years. They might as well learn about it right away.

The 1993-founded non-profit research organisation The Disclosure Project holds the opinion that government organisations knowing of alien life are working outside of congressional view and that prior American presidents have been purposefully misled and denied access. The Disclosure Project contends that “compartmentalised initiatives that require deliberate disclosure and pertinent legislation” contain the “ultimate solution to the world’s energy, environmental, and poverty concerns.”

Greer has gathered more than 120 hours of testimony from his conversations with government representatives, which has been condensed to 18 hours. Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin of the Army National Guard Reserves and astronaut Gordon Cooper provide noteworthy evidence.



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