A 1941 photo appears to show a “time traveller”

Is the iconic video of a person seemingly talking on a cell phone in a Charlie Chaplin movie just a hint that time travel is happening all around us? There are many revealing photographs and recordings, such as the one below:

1940 time traveler - A photo from the 1940s shows a time traveler with a smartphone

One of the most popular photos is of this “time traveller”. The image was taken in 1941 at the reopening ceremony of the South Fork Bridge in British Columbia, Canada.

On the right side of the photo, a man can be seen unusually dressed in what appears to be modern clothing, wearing sunglasses in an era when period hats and jackets were worn by most.

Many would argue that he is a time traveler, while others would argue that he is simply a man with a fashion sense ahead of his time. But now we have more evidence.

More “time travellers”

Facebook users spotted a strange-looking man in a black and white photograph from the 1940s , appearing to be wearing a high-tech device for the time.

As reported by the British newspaper The Sun , the mystery dates back to 1943 in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the suspicious individual is seen among American soldiers deployed during World War II.


But this man is not wearing a military uniform. Instead, he stands out for wearing a light colored overcoat while cupping his hand to his ear, as a modern smartphone user would.

The photo, first posted to the Icelandic Facebook group Gamlar ljósmyndir by user Kristjan Hoffmann in 2016, included the following caption:

“One thing that draws attention to this beautiful image is that above the window, in the corner in the middle of the image, a man leans over and is with a smartphone” , writes Hoffmann. “I don’t know what to say, I don’t think he’s just talking over the phone… he’s stupefied, standing alone and with a different touch to the others and a puff and acting like we would today.”

Time traveler with smartphone from the 1940s - A photo from the 1940s shows a time traveler with a smartphone

And there have been many netizens who fully agree with the possibility of being a time traveler. And this is not the only evidence of its existence. Carl Størmer (1872-1957) was on his way to Oslo, Norway in the 1890s with his spy camera and was secretly taking everyday pictures of people.

However, in one of the images it is possible to see a group of people, several women in period dresses and what appears to be police or military personnel in uniform.

At first, nothing strange, except for the woman who appears on the right side of the image, who seems to be talking on her cell phone.

As can be seen in the snapshot, said woman has her head tilted to the side, just like we do when talking on the phone , and her left arm is raised at head height, as if she were holding some kind of device connected to her ear. .

But if you look closer, you can clearly see how in his left hand he seems to be holding some kind of glowing device.

But it seems that for skeptics none of this evidence is enough. In the case of the Reykjavik photo, it is said that the man was a spy for the Axis powers , formed by Germany, the Empire of Japan and the Kingdom of Italy.

Other, more prosaic possibilities are that the man was simply checking that his watch was working, was going to smoke a pipe, or had gone to scratch his ear while the picture was being taken.

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