Nikola Tesla gave a mysterious interview to a journalist named John Smith in 1899, and the ideas Tesla expressed were so revolutionary that the interview was hidden for over 100 years.
In this extraordinary and important interview, the enigmatic scientist and inventor explains how “everything is light” and how the sun’s rays can reveal his vision of the future of humanity.

Tesla is widely credited with inventing ways to provide unlimited free energy for everyone, but due to greed and profit from burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, the corporation silenced his invention.

This was the mysterious interview with Nikola Tesla that was banned for over 100 years.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you earned the glory of the man who was involved in cosmic processes. Who are you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: That is a correct question, Mr. Smith, and I will try to give you the correct answer.

Journalist: Some say you are from the country of Croatia, from the region called Lika, where trees, rocks and a starry sky grow together with the people. It is said that your hometown is named after the flowers on the mountain, and the house where you were born is next to the forest and the church.

Tesla: Seriously, it’s all true. I am proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.

Journalist: Futurists say that the 21st century was born in the head of Nikola Tesla. The father of alternating current will make physics and chemistry dominate half the world. Industry will proclaim him his supreme saint, a banker of the greatest benefactors. In Nikola Tesla’s laboratory, for the first time, there is a broken atom.

Tesla: Yes, those are some of my most important discoveries. I am a defeated man. I didn’t do my best.

Reporter: What is it, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: He wanted to light up the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. The light would appear around the equator, like a ring around Saturn

Life has an infinite number of forms, and it is the duty of scientists to find them in all forms of matter. Three things are essential to this. All I do is look for them. I know I won’t find them, but I won’t abandon them.

Journalist: What are these things?

Tesla: One problem is food. What stellar or terrestrial energy to feed Earth’s hungry? What wine did all the thirsty drink, so that their hearts would rejoice and understand that they are gods?

I know that gravity is subject to everything necessary to fly and my intention is not to make flying devices (planes or missiles) but to teach an individual to regain consciousness on his own wings… Also; I am trying to awaken the energy contained in the air. They are the main sources of energy. What is considered empty space is just a manifestation of unawakened matter.

There is no empty space on this planet, nor in the Universe. Black holes, astronomers say, are the most powerful sources of energy and life.

Journalist: At the window of your room in the “Valdorf-Astoria” hotel, on the thirty-third floor, birds arrive every morning.

Tesla: A man must be sentimental towards birds. This is because of its wings. Humans had them once, the real and the visible!

Reporter: You haven’t stopped flying since those days in Smiljan!

Tesla – I wanted to fly off the roof and fell – Children’s calculations may be wrong. Remember that the wings of youth have everything in life!

Journalist: Your fans complain that you attack relativity. The odd thing is his claim that matter has no energy. Everything is imbued with energy, where is it?

Tesla: First it was energy, then matter.

Journalist: a question that could be asked at the beginning of this conversation. What was electricity to you, dear Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Everything is electricity. First there was light and the infinite source from which it draws matter and distributes it in all forms that represent the Universe and Earth with all its aspects of life. Black is the true face of the Light, we just don’t see it. It is a remarkable grace to man and other creatures. One of its particles has luminous, thermal, nuclear, radiological, chemical, mechanical and unidentified energy.

It has the power to go around the Earth in its orbit. It is a true Archimedean lever.

Reporter: Mr. Tesla, you are very electrically inclined.

Tesla: electricity is me. Or, if you prefer, I’m electricity in human form. You are electricity; just like Mr. Smith, but you don’t realize it.

Reporter: Is this your ability to allow a million-volt power failure in your body?

Tesla – Imagine a gardener attacked by weeds. That would be pretty crazy. Man’s body and brain are composed of a great deal of energy; in me is most of the electricity. The energy that is different in each person is what makes a human being the “I” or the “soul”. For other creatures, in essence, the “soul” of the plant is the “soul” of minerals and animals.

Brain function and death manifest in light. My eyes in my youth were black, now they are blue, and as time passes and the tension in the brain grows stronger, they become closer to white. White is the color of the sky. One morning, near my window, a white dove landed, which I fed. He wanted to tell me that he was dying. Jets of light shot out of his eyes. Never in the eyes of any creature had he seen so much light, as in that dove.

Reporter: Your lab team talks about flashes of light, flames and lightning that happen if you are angry or at risk.

Tesla: is the psychic discharge or a warning to be alert. The light has always been on my side. You know how I discovered the rotating magnetic field and induction motor that made me famous at age 26? One summer night in Budapest, I watched the sunset with my friend Sigetijem.

Thousands of fires turned into thousands of flaming colors. I remembered Faust and recited lines from him and then, like a mist, I saw a magnetic field swirling and an induction motor. I saw them in the sun!

Journalist: The hotel service says that at the time of lightning he isolates himself in the room and talks to himself.

Tesla: I speak with lightning and thunder.

Journalist: With them? What language, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Mainly my mother tongue. He has the words and sounds, especially in poetry, that suit him.

Journalist: Is imagination more real to you than life itself?

Tesla: gives birth to life. I fed on my teaching; I learned to control emotions, dreams and visions. I always wanted to do this as it fueled my enthusiasm. My whole long life has been spent in ecstasy. That was the source of my happiness. During all these years he helped me to keep working, which was enough for five lifetimes. It is better to work at night because of the starlight and close ties.

Journalist: Do you think time can be abolished?

Tesla: Not exactly, because the first characteristic of energy is that it transforms. It is in perpetual transformation, like clouds of Taoists. But it is possible to take advantage of the fact that a person retains consciousness after earthly life. In every corner of the universe there is the energy of life; one of them is immortality, whose origin is outside of man, waiting for him.

The universe is spiritual; we are halfway there. The Universe is more moral than we are because we don’t know its nature and how to harmonize our lives with it. I’m not a scientist, science is perhaps the most comfortable way to find the answer to the question that always haunts me, and that my days and nights have turned into fire.

Journalist: But, Mr. Tesla, you know this is necessary and it is included in the constitution of the world!

Tesla: when a man is surprised; that his main objective should be to run towards a shooting star and try to capture it; You will understand that his life was given to you for this and you will be saved. The stars will finally be able to catch!

Journalist: And what will happen then?

Tesla: The creator will laugh and say, “It only falls if you chase it and catch it.”

Journalist: Isn’t all this contrary to the cosmic pain you mention so often in your writings? And what is cosmic pain?

Tesla: No, because we’re on Earth… It’s a disease that the vast majority of people don’t know about. The entire Universe is fed up with itself and with ourselves at certain times. The disappearance of a star and the appearance of comets affect us more than we imagine. Relationships between Earth creatures are even stronger, because of our feelings and thoughts, the flower will have an even more beautiful aroma or be silent.

We need to learn these truths to be healed. The medicine is in our hearts and uniformly, in the hearts of the animals we call the Universe.

All this is not printed and with many more questions, but these truths are necessary to awaken our mind. Tell us in the comments what you think.

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