NASA Released Photos of Towers Probably Made by Aliens From Mars,Martian structures may be remnants of civilizations that once existed on Mars

A series of photographs from Mars indicate the presence of extraterrestrial skyscrapers on the surface of the red planet. However, some speculate that NASA knew about this long ago. And this might imply that they are purposely hiding it from the public. This prompted people to assume that these structures were made by aliens from mars.

NASA says that these Martian structures could be remnants from a civilization that once lived on Mars, or constructed by beings from another planet. However, NASA is also investigating whether these towers were built as a way to collect material for other purposes.

After the recent NASA sighting of two possible alien towers on Mars, this topic has gained a lot of attention. The idea of an alien civilization is not a new one, but the NASA sighting has reignited interest in the idea of alien life. The first recorded observation of the site was in 1877 when astronomers found evidence of its presence just southwest of the Martian equator. In 1956, NASA launched the spacecraft Mariner 4 which succeeded in providing close-up views of these enigmatic structures and confirmed their existence and presence within the crater’s walls.

These newly discovered towers are similar to ones photographed by Viking 2 on Earth in 1976. They present a blend between natural formations and artificial structures found on Earth, with some parts curiously resembling concrete and bearing features such as square holes and protrusions that suggest they had been used for something else before becoming abandoned structures.

The NASA photos have sparked many theories about what could be causing the apparent 3-mile tall towers – which are now being referred to as “alien towers” or “Space Towers.” One explanation is that the towers are caused by natural processes on Mars, such as wind erosion. Another theory is that they were built by intelligent beings for unknown purposes.

There was no definitive answer from NASA on why these two towers appeared so suddenly in the vicinity

According to Luis Camacho, who first found the pillars in 1999, he saw 3500-5000 feet tall towers on Mars’ surface. This makes the Martian towers more than twice the size of the largest structures we have on Earth. This may be because of gravity. Mars’ gravity is weaker than Earth’s, making it easier to build larger structures.

Camacho discovered these skyscrapers in Mars’ Terra Meridiani region. This is also where NASA planned to relocate the Mars rover.

If the information about these towers did not change, it could become proof of life on Mars. However, if NASA changes this information, we can assume they want to hide something from us.

A few days after these images went public, NASA immediately deleted the photographs. People speculated that the agency was trying to conceal the truth. And people took this as a sign that there was life on Mars.

Of course, these are nothing more than speculations. But when the web of conspiracies lines up so well, one can only assume this to be the case.

These three towers are just one of the unexpected results of sending a rover to the red planet. A few months ago, a crab-like alien was also allegedly found on Mars’ surface.

One of the gigantic rock formations on the planet, a crab-like alien, was seen in one of Curiosity’s images. After some investigation, people noticed that it had tentacles and seemed to be luring in prey.

Another alleged story of an alien life form on mars was a bird-like creature flying on the planet’s skies. However, this one was debunked, and people think the image was taken on Earth. Citing the similarity of the landscape to where Martian rovers are tested on Earth, people didn’t reject the image’s authenticity.

Regardless, people are still looking for new information that could prove the existence of aliens on Mars.

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