Archaeologist Proves That Aliens Visited Mexico in Ancient Times

The host of the Los Desvelados show on the Discovery TV channel, Victor Camacho, a well-known Mexican archaeologist, has studied the so-called forbidden archeology of his country about UFOs and aliens for a very long time.

Camacho traveled across whole Mexico, visiting those places that aliens are supposed to have visited in ancient times, leaving not only footprints but in some way they changed the culture of the ancient tribes of that time.

Those artifacts discovered by Camacho during his research prove without a doubt that in antiquity there were tribes who had contact with extraterrestrial visitors.

Some artifacts have engravings describing the ships with which aliens have arrived on Earth.

Also, some of these artifacts engravers show that those tribes had a vast knowledge of the universe and things that are can’t be explained in our day.

The archeologist has met people who have also found artifacts with extraterrestrial themes. For example, a lot of ceramic figures with strange creatures with large eyes engraved on them. All this confess that in the distant past, people have had contact with aliens or guests from parallel worlds.

Nowadays only the most implacable skeptics do not believe in UFOs, possibly because for some reason aliens do not come into contact with modern humans anymore.


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