Kolbrin’s Bible: The 3,600-year-old book that could rewrite our history

This is a Bible that is usually used to learn about important events in our history that have been forgotten. The Kolbrin recounts events that have been erased from our history and even makes predictions about many future events. Therefore, it is considered one of the best ways to know what the future could hold for us.

This is the first book of the Christian Jews, and it also usually narrates many of the events that happened in the Bible, in the same way it includes many of the events that the Bible we know, does not contain . It is for this reason that the Catholic Church considers this bible blasphemy and it is the reason why it has been hidden from all of us.

This book collects extremely valuable information that tells our story, extremely detailed information that we are totally unaware of .

It is said that this book begins by talking about the people who, according to the Bible , were the first in the world, known as Adam and Eve , and then expands by talking about the long lineage they had. So that the origin could be known in its entirety since it led its trajectory in the world, it is said that this descent includes even great rulers of Egypt .

The origin of the term ” fallen angel ” originally comes from this book. The Kolbrin is more than 3,600 years old, and it is the Bible that tells the true origin of what are known as fallen angels in the common Bible. The book relates that the fallen angels were those men who were descendants of the daughters of Adam and Eve.

What is related in those pages has even been linked to the story of the sinking of Atlantis . Where the lost city is considered the reason for the disappearance of great civilizations, due to a cataclysm that it caused.

This Bible is made up of nothing more and nothing less than eleven extensive books.

The Kolbrin, made up of eleven extensive books, offers extensive knowledge  of our past , it is made up of five books written by the mythical Celts after the death of Jesus Christ , and six books that accurately reproduce ancient Egyptian scrolls , made by scribes after of the events that followed the Hebrew exodus from Egypt .

It is even believed that Joseph of Arimathea , Jesus ‘ great-uncle , was the one who rescued the Egyptian scrolls from the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar , an invader of Egypt and who set fire to the largest library in the world at the time,  the Library of Alexandria , where it was kept. they lost more than 700,000 scrolls  of  priceless historical value . The texts that collected valuable information that dated back many years before the history that we know was written, were lost that day, although fortunately, there are several people who claim to keep a part of all that lost knowledge .

 Joseph , along with the followers of Jesus , would move the Judean scrolls to Britain in a desperate attempt to preserve their history. The manuscripts are now secretly kept inside Glastonbury Abbey , in the county of Somerset , South West Great Britain , where they have remained for thousands of years. However, an unstoppable fire completely engulfed the abbey in 1184 , but fortunately the scrolls were spared from this possible attempt to completely erase the truth.. Some of the manuscripts were carved into thin sheets of bronze and placed in copper-lined containers, which greatly helped them resist attack.

This book contains completely unique prophecies , one of them even tells of a great flood caused by Planet X :

“ Then, with the dawn, the men saw an impressive spectacle. There, riding on a black laminated cloud, the Destroyer appeared, newly freed from the confines of the vaults of heaven, and vented his wrath on the heavens, for it was the day of judgment.

The beast opened its mouth and belched successively fire and hot stones and vile smoke. The entire sky was covered and the meeting place between the earth and the sky could no longer be seen. At night, the stars changed places, rolled across the sky to the new seasons, and then came the floods.

The windows of heaven were opened and the foundations of the earth were thrown away. The waters poured out on the earth and broke the mountains. Storms and whirlwinds broke out on the earth.

In the howling gales of boiling waters, all buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and thrown into the mountains. There was a moment of great heat, and then a bitter cold. Immense boiling waves rose up, fell and swirled, causing a terrifying roar .

This interesting translation of the text offers us a unique perspective on a series of catastrophic events that may be included in different sacred books, although the events are linked to each other and strongly contradict all accepted beliefs until now.

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