“Pyramids and alien ships” the new discoveries of the Bermuda triangle.

Lately, a series of strange objects and structures  have been discovered in one of the greatest mysteries of our planet, the famous Bermuda Triangle . 

There are thousands of stories about flights and crews that have disappeared while crossing the area, which has inspired a series of movies and series.

On February 9, 2021, the Florida Coast Guard published a statement stating that a boat heading to Florida had recently disappeared, several investigations and searches were made  around the area, but mysteriously suspended after 84 hours.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of ​​1.1 million and a half square kilometers in the shape of an equilateral triangle, its points coincide with the territories of Florida , the island of Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda .

Rumors about the paranormal phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle became famous in 1945 , when a group of 5 US Navy planes that were flying over the area disappeared .

When they noticed this disappearance, the armed forces immediately sent an emergency plane to the rescue, but it disappeared in the same way as the other five ships, 27 people disappeared that day .

In 1950 , journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones reported the mysterious disappearance of several ships off the Bahamas .

Two years later George X Sand wrote an article about the mysterious disappearances, later in 1964 , Argosy Magazine published an article entitled ” The deadly Bermuda Triangle ” that narrated the different disappearances, paranormal phenomena and other mysteries that involved this zone.

Is there really a scientific explanation that explains these phenomena?

Scientists have already confirmed the fact that the weather in the area is constantly wild , being the scene of typhoons, hurricanes and waves of hundreds of meters , these are the reasons are some of the most reasonable explanations about the disappearances.

It could well be said that most of the accidents that have occurred around the triangle had to do with calculation errors, technological failures and even bad decisions by their crew members, although this has not been completely proven, it is totally probable in maritime areas so extensive and far from the coasts, which makes recovering the remains of them almost impossible.

Giant Pyramids.

In the 60’s a group of American scientists found a gigantic pyramid on the seabed in the area, their testimonies stated that this pyramid was so gigantic that it far exceeded the pyramids of Egypt .

This colossal pyramid is said to be at least 6 centuries old, it was made of a glass-like material, but most surprisingly, it was not covered with barnacles, slime or algae, plus the way it was built It has not yet been used anywhere in the world .

In 2012 , a Canadian couple reported that while examining the seabed in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle they found what appeared to be new pyramids, next to the ruins of an ancient city .

It is said that on the walls of these were sculptures , inscriptions and monolithic slabs that according to them had been “made by humans”. Faced with this incredible discovery, many people have come to believe that what they actually found was nothing more and nothing less than the ruins of the mythical Atlantis .

Alien spaceship.

A treasure hunter named Darrel Miklós , discovered in 2018 a strange object at the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. Miklós is dedicated to searching for and recording shipwrecks in the Caribbean Sea . In one of his expeditions, he and his team found the anchor of one of Christopher Columbus ‘ ships .

However, this time his discovery had nothing to do with shipwrecks, but with what is thought to be the first solid evidence of an alien visit to Earth .

The scouts thought at first that they had stumbled upon one of Sir’s ships . Francis Drake , but it was meaningless as they were in the presence of a strange giant structure covered in coral, with 15 formations that were the size of the cannons used by warships in the past.

The “ship” they found was about the size of two football fields (about 200 meters long) and was estimated to be approximately 5,000 years old .

These are just some of the thousands of stories, legends and stories that exist about the remote Caribbean territory.

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