Alien Contact Researcher Says ‘New Humans’ Are Already Among Us

We are only human, doomed to make mistakes. But what if some of us are above that? What if there are ‘new humans’ living alongside us ordinary people?

The new humans may represent genetically modified babies, programmed to make fewer mistakes and excel in intellect far beyond what we are used to. Some say they are products of alien abductions that served as experiments and returned to Earth.


Bestselling author Alexis Brooks interviewed Mary Rodwell, certified regression therapist and ET contact investigator, to learn how new humans operate.

Rodwell says he has had firsthand experience with these controversial humans. Children between the ages of 4 and 8 around the world claim to be the children of aliens.

They share bits of information about plans for Earth. A four-year-old boy admitted that his earthly parents brought him to this world, but his real parents were from space and had plans for Earth during his lifetime.

The new humans “are up to date”. Says Rodwell: “They have the ability to think and reason well ahead of the curve. The children had a much more conscious awareness of multidimensional experiences. While their parents were afraid of the experiences passed down by the children, the children naturally talked about their experiences.”


According to Rodwell, there are more alien influences than you might think. Some believe that ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome may actually be a hidden gift rather than a disease; this can also be assumed about autism. And it’s not just some of us either.

Blood tests from the new humans show that something is different about many of us, not just firsthand accounts of walking through walls, but concrete evidence of DNA abnormalities.

Scientists have discovered that 97% of the non-coding sequences in human DNA are nothing less than the DNA of aliens. Is it possible that genetic modification is happening to all of us in some way?

Professor Sam Chang said: “Non-coding sequences are called ‘junk DNA’ and have an ‘off-world’ origin. These alien sequences have their own systems and resist certain drugs.”

Chang’s theories about these sequences are interesting. He thinks that it might be possible that the aliens tried to plant seeds in humans to harvest a new human. Perhaps time is up, and incomplete sequences were the cause of cancer or other diseases. Anyway, this is sounding more and more like an episode of The X-Files, isn’t it?


When researching other articles, especially related to the story, I found several mentions of the new humans living alongside the traditional humans. From prehistoric remains to reports of extraterrestrial visitation in ancient Egypt, new humans appear to have been around since the beginning.

And what about the new humans if their existence is not a myth? Evidence about it continues to accumulate as we continue to search for answers. We choose to keep my mind open to all possibilities. And you?


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