Former Area 51 Scientist Declared: We’re Working With an Extraterrestrial Race in “Technical Terms”

The 71-year-old retired engineer has repeatedly stated throughout his career that he used to regularly serve at Area 51. In recent interviews he has claimed that he was there when the alien was finally captured .
Bill Uhouse

Bill Uhouse was the engineer we mentioned above, he’s very informative about what’s going on behind the locked doors of Area 51.


He spoke on many occasions about the alien nicknamed “JRod” who was kept there but never got recognition for his work until he died in 2009. One of the best whistleblowers of all time said it was the planet that lost.


Area 51 engineers are hard at work reverse engineering any alien technology they can.



Bill says they are called EBE (extraterrestrial biological beings) , but most of them don’t look like humanoids.

We know the Greys, Alto aliens from the North, Reptilians and the Alto Greys. As you can see the Grays are categorized by height.

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