Alien Abductee Shows Us Images of Beautiful Alien Beings From Planet Clarion

There have been numerous reports of alien abductions all throughout the world. Some instances are more intriguing and mysterious than others, but one, in particular, will have you holding your breath.

Maurizio Cavallo, 63, also known by the pen name Jhlos, has written a few works on the subject. Cavallo broke the silence regarding his encounters with extraterrestrials in 2012 at a seminar in Turin

They are “cosmic defenders, rulers of the rainbow, and caretakers of the cosmos,” according to Cavallo. These beings, according to Cavallo, are immortals who come from the depths of the cosmos. They came from the “source,” which is a location where you may construct forever.

The aliens that abducted him are said to have come from the planet Clarion, which is located in the Eagle Galaxy around 150.000 light-years from Earth. These aliens, he claims, led him to a hidden outpost in the Amazon rainforest. They removed all of his reservations about absorbing fresh information once he arrived.

But it’s the aliens he showed us — hybrids of extraterrestrials and humans – that are most intriguing.

Finally, Cavallo asserted that all human perceptions of the cosmos are incorrect. Our solar system, for example, has 12 planets rather than 9. Cavallo maintained that he is not trying to persuade anybody with his narrative; rather, it is a question of each individual’s conscience.

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