Dr. Steven Greer Claims General Offered Him 2 Billion To Kill UFO Disclosure Project

During a recent, extensive interview, Dr. Steven Greer,  UFO researcher, and Disclosure activist claimed that a General in charge of UAP intelligence once offered him 2 billion to shut down and stop pursuing Greer’s Disclosure Project.

Dr, Greer also claimed that a segment of a so-called “secret” government,” which is above the law,” offered him and his associates “protection” against nefarious methods that could be used to harm them. Greer said he decided to take them up on their offer and claims this protective group has kept him and his inner circle safe up to now.

Dr. Greer also claims that this segment of the “secret” government has located and secured an extraterrestrial vehicle that was being backward engineered by the United States within the last 6 months — to be announced soon because of the new UFO Disclosure law recently passed by Congress.

I have extracted these two fascinating clips but short clips courtesy of the Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

The entire 2-hour-plus show is available at the bottom of the page.  In it, Dr. Greer gives his takes on Bob Lazar; world-changing energy technology; disinformation, and he also addresses those who question the alleged appearance of UFOs at his group CE5 seminars.

Say what you will about Dr. Greer, but any objective observer must admit the man has broken information boundaries and interviewed more UFO whistleblowers than any other investigator.  It is a fascinating interview, in my opinion.

Secret Government Group Protects Dr. Greer and Associates

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