Meet Carl, He Is The Man Who Claim He Traveled 163,000 Light-Years With The Alien Ausso One

A shooter allegedly saw an intruder inside the Medicine Bow National Forest, according to one report. The alien was finally captured by the tracker and taken back to his home planet.

All of this happened on October 25, 1974, when a lone man went to shoot a deer but instead accidentally shot the cloaked spaceship that was there in front of him.

The space traveler from another planet has two antennae, no collar, no ears, tiny eyes, and three enormous teeth. The UFO was dressed oddly for its humanoid body in an unique clothing.

The extraterrestrial made himself known as “Ausso One” after making contact, and he declined his offer to take the human on a space tour.

The astronaut reported that after leaving Earth and flying 163,000 light-years away, his memory started to fade after a few days. Knowing that he was not supposed to be finishing this phase, he woke up bound to his seat.

He announced his discovery to everyone as he made his way back to his truck. Unfortunately, he had trouble explaining what had happened because he was obviously intoxicated at the time.

The defendant also conceals a flattened bullet in his pants to show that, contrary to popular belief, he did not create everything himself.

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