Discovered 2-Min Footage Of ‘Phoenix Lights’ & Arizona Man Who Filmed Huge Solid UFO Vanished


During the early 1980s, numerous people reported sighting colossal, sluggish V-shaped crafts silently hovering through the night sky above the Hudson Valley in New York. On March 13, 1997, a massive and noiseless aircraft was witnessed by thousands of people throughout Arizona, Nevada, and northern Mexico in the “Phoenix Lights” event.


While there are conflicting reports, some people claim that there were two distinct groups of lights amalgamated into one incident, but the majority of observers claimed to have seen an immense, silent object that was either V-shaped or triangular, gliding low over the area. According to a Rocky Mountain Poll conducted at the time, as well as the commotion that ensued, around 10% of Arizonans claimed to have witnessed the incident.

Despite the United Air Force’s identification of one of the groups of lights seen as flares dropped by A-10 Warthogs during training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range, Arizona’s then-governor Fyfe Symington firmly believed that he saw something entirely different. In fact, he was a witness to the incident himself and later informed reporters of his stance.

“I witnessed a massive delta-shaped craft silently navigate over Squaw Peak, a mountain range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was truly breathtaking. I was absolutely stunned because I was turning to the west looking for the distant Phoenix Lights… (Source)

As a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man-made object I’d ever seen. And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don’t fly in formation.”

Former Director of The Pentagons UFO Program (AATIP), Luis Elizondo explained many people are confused about the flares from the A10s, but the lights were a separate event and were witnessed by hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. There is a theoretical technology that if you can master it, all 5 observables (what we see the UAPs doing) are possible. If you know how to manipulate spacetime, all of these observables are possible. (Source)

Although there are many accounts of witnessing the Phoenix lights, Tim Ley and his family had a close look at the object hovered over the city in the V-formation. Ley, his wife Bobbi, and their son Hal saw a massive V-shaped object with five lights slowly and silently flying over their heads. The craft was so large that it spanned the entire length of the street.

For Tim Ley and his family, the experience was life-changing. They had never imagined they would witness such a bizarre and unexplainable phenomenon, and it has left an indelible mark on their lives. They continue to share their story, hoping that someday, the truth about the Phoenix Lights will be revealed.

We watched these lights, and I’d say the time it took from when we first spotted them until this thing actually went over a house was about 10 or 12 minutes. This thing never wavered once; it always came directly straight at us.

After a few minutes, maybe six or eight minutes, all of a sudden, instead of being five lights in a round arc shape, the lead light seemed to come out in front, and now it looked like a V formation flying towards us. I remember talking with Bobby as we were watching it, saying, “What could that possibly be?”

I said, “Well, maybe it’s a formation of helicopters.” But as the lights were getting further and further apart, the relationship between the lights never changed. They got further apart, but the individual distance between the lights always remained in the same relationship. They were perfectly even, and they didn’t move up or down. I said, “Wow, if this is a formation of aircraft, whoever’s flying this, I don’t know how they’re staying so tight in formation.”

And this last light came down and Bobbi and I were just standing there, and it went right over us. It looked like this big circular hole of pure white light. It looked… almost like little particles of light, and the light was stuck up inside. It was almost like it was being held inside.

There was no glass on it, and there was no light that I noticed around us on the ground, but it was really, really, really bright. Then the tail end of this thing went by like that, and I saw a very absolute sharp edge went by, and as it did, the stars unfolded after it.

We live up and about probably about 1200 feet above sea level. We’re in a little valley above Phoenix, and surrounded by this valley are like little mountain peaks. And there’s this one, two peaks, and in the middle of it, a little hill. This thing went right through the crack in the mountain.

It flew right through there, didn’t go over the top. It just barely fit. It was in such a way. Now it was probably just going straight because now I could see the lights from the backside underneath. It went out straight over towards the airport, right to the right side of peak, and then I lost the lights in the whatever lights were flying around in the atmosphere disturbance.

Video Evidence

Below is the only known video recorded on March 13, 1997, around 8:30 PM that shows the V-shaped object (according to user Tom King). The video was captured by a man in the AZ area who wants to stay anonymous.

As you are watching the video, you can see one of the lights falling back from the group. This was reported by various people of the lights undocking and going out of formation. This happened during the video taken in Carefree, Arizona. That was also reported from Prescott, AZ.

Moreover, a man named Richard Curtis, who witnessed the incident and had compelling evidence, reached out to Councilwoman Frances Barwood from Arizona. However, after encountering MIB and exposing the incident to the media, he disappeared.

Frances Barwood, a member of the city council, opened an investigation into the incident. Since the military and local authorities had already managed to claim that the lights seen by the eyewitnesses were only flares, her coworkers thought her behavior was ludicrous.

Barwood received a call from Richard Curtis a few months later. He said right away that he had extremely detailed footage of the Phoenix Lights despite being an injured former soldier. He claimed that he had personally captured them using high-quality equipment. (Source)

Since the majority of the Phoenix Lights video footage up until this point had been merely specks of light on a dark background, Barwood was intrigued by this message. Curtis agreed to provide copies of the footage to Barwood’s office after she urged him to do so. However, days passed, and she did not receive films either by mail or by courier. “I thought he made this up. He didn’t have video, you know, all this stuff,” she said.

A week later, Curtis telephoned Barwood at her house and inquired about her thoughts on the films. Barwood informed him that she had not received them and expressed her amazement. Curtis continued by telling her that following their phone call, two men from her workplace stopped up at his home.

Curtis inquired if they were from Barwood’s office, and upon receiving confirmation, they asked about the Phoenix Lights videos, specifically questioning if Curtis had made copies. Curtis denied this and they offered to make copies for him themselves. He then gave them his videos and they departed in a black sedan.

Barwood was shocked to hear about the incident, as all her staff workers were female and she had no knowledge of the men. Curtis was angry and felt misled by the authorities. He spoke about the strange encounter and how the “Men in Black” took his videos in an interview with Phoenix TV.

Richard Curtis disappeared after supposedly taking a faulty medication and being transported to the hospital. There were no records of his admission, and when a professional checked Barwood’s phone lines, he confirmed that they were tapped by the government. This was surprising to Barwood, as authorities claimed the Phoenix Lights were just flares. Curtis’ disappearance became a major UFOlogy case, the second biggest one after Roswell.

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