Aliens Abducted Retired Russian Army Veteran And Told Him They Would Destroy Humans From Earth



In 2012, a video appeared on the internet, where an 84-year Russian man shared his story of meeting with aliens who conveyed him a warning message for all humans.

Leonid Ivanovich Glushko, born in 1924, has served in WWII and worked as a school director for 30 years. After retirement, he bought a small house in Novokubanka, a small town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, and has been living a simple rural life with his wife Valentina Sergeevna.Read also:

Leonid said it happened somewhere between 2000 & 2001 when one day, he was out on his bicycle to mow hay for his goats outside his village near a wine shop.

It was getting dark, and while he was busy mowing, he saw a brightly luminous object approaching from the west in the sky.

Aliens Abducted Retired Russian Army Veteran
Leonid Ivanovich Glushko, during his interview in 2012, sitting with his wife Valentina Sergeevna

At first, Leonid thought it was moonlight, but it was too early for the moon to come. Then he got goosebumps all over his body because he remembered listening to the broadcast of the strange encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials.

He got scared and hid in the bushes squatting down, watching the approaching UFO.

The UFO landed right in the meadow where he was going to mow the grass and suddenly, unexpectedly, someone grabbed him from behind and lifted him into the air.

Leonid said: “and suddenly someone grabbed my scruff, just like a kitten.”

He saw a very tall creature dressed in a tight uniform that looked like fish skin, carrying him in the air to the huge luminous ball that was standing on the 3 metallic legs.

As soon as Leonid approached the door of the UFO, it opened, and he saw two more aliens sitting inside the ship.

According to Leonid, those creatures had human-like appearances, they had arms, legs, and tanned faces.

Leonid realized that he was abducted but worried about his goats. So, he asked them about his goats. In reply to his question, the strange creature said in anger that nothing would happen to them.

Then he felt that the ship took off, and they were flying for a long time. The alien who dragged him into the ship talked a lot with him. He explained to Leonid something that made him very angry.

The old man forgot almost everything told to him by the aliens, but the only thing he remembered was his last words when he was released.

Leonid said that when they landed, the door of the ship opened, and the alien suddenly said: “You are interfering with us and our planet. We will be forced to destroy you.” He repeated it twice.

Leonid went downstairs, the alien slammed the door, and a shiny elongated oval ball soared into the air and quickly flew away.

Leonid said that when he got out of the ship, he did not understand where he was and also could not recognize himself. Apparently, his memories of the details of the flight and what had happened there were erased. The only thing that he clearly remembered was the last words of the alien.

Leonid took his bicycle, scythe, and bag and returned home. He felt so bad that he had to call an ambulance. He spent 6 weeks in bed and did not tell anyone all that time about his encounter with aliens.

When Leonid got normal, he told everything about his meeting with strange creatures to his friends and family. It turned out that no one considered him crazy because a similar incident happened to at least one more resident of the Novokubanka region.

Every second person in his area saw strange objects in the sky or at least caught a glimpse of them. So, they believed Leonid’s story and the aliens never visited him again.

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