Unknown and Strange 15ft Creature With ‘Flippers’ and ‘Fur’ Washes Up On Beach in the UK

This following creature is not an art project by a pretentious college student, it is a real creature that was spotted washed up on a beach in Merseyside, Liverpool last month.

As you can already tell, it is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, as experts believe it to be some sort of a mix of multiple preexisting creatures altogether.


Nicknamed the Ainsdale Anomaly by a local woman, this creature appears to be a 15-foot-tall headless furry being that also had flippers and an umbilical cord sticking out of it.

Many have referred to it as a mix of a wooly mammoth and a walrus, but some also believe it could be an alien creature after all. Since we have actually uncovered so few of the deep-sea creatures so far many believe that this is one such creature that strayed away from the deep and ended up washing up on the surface.

The reason why it was so decomposed in the first place is the fact that it came too close to the surface and the pressure change essentially killed it from the inside out. So far some believe it’s an alien while others believe it to be just another deep-sea creature that we have yet to uncover.

Which do you think is more probable? There are definitely arguments backing up both of the theories, to say the least, but we are more inclined to believe that it is a deep-sea creature mostly because of where it was discovered in the first place.

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