Luis Elizondo: There Are Photos Of UFOs With Entities Inside And Biological Samples From Another World

 Luis Elizondo: There are photos of UFOs with entities inside and biological samples from another world . The UFO community has never been more active than now. The phenomenon has always haunted us, but due to a lack of transparency, it has never been so open to discussion. Since the last decade, the number of UFO sightings has increased. And now, we are shooting these objects into the air, letting the whole world watch them.

Even after thousands of UFO cases including photos and videos, we have no idea who is behind it. China, Russia and the United States have their experts to investigate UAP but, surprisingly, they do not blame each other. Perhaps, it’s non-human technology and no one has any idea where it came from, as filmmaker Jeremy Corbell claims .

It is shocking and strange that no one has paid attention to the statement of the former head of AATIP, Luis Elizondo, about “ Occupation of UFOs and biological samples ”. With Curt Jaimungal on his 2021 Theories of Everything (TOE) podcast , Elizondo carefully hinted that the US government has ” potentially ” acquired biological samples from another world. He also suggested that the government has images of UAPs that seem to show beings inside them.

Elizondo spent 20 years as a military intelligence officer in the Pentagon and during his career, he directed the most secret UFO program Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). In 2017, after the exposure of this secret program, Elizondo denounced many things that he had learned about UFOs and possible non-human intelligence.

« Have biological samples been potentially recovered? Curt asked. ELizondo replied: “ Yes. I am not going to elaborate on that… and be careful when I say that. I’m purposely being very open and vague at the same time, right? What does that mean? Well, it means what it means .”

Additionally, when asked if there are any photos that show occupants inside a ” ship ,” Elizondo said, ” There are some very convincing photos that seem to show something inside, some kind of occupancy. And I’ll leave it at that, because it gets murky, way beyond that .

And there is a lot to speculate about. And so I try to avoid speculation as much as possible. But yes, I have spoken to enough people with firsthand knowledge that they are not only reporting the ships that we know exist, but also the possibility of some sort of intelligence within these vehicles. “

Why is this topic not being discussed by everyone on the planet? Is it possible for most people to ignore this news, even if they are aware of it? At what point does the truth and its mind-boggling consequences become too conspicuous to ignore?

UFO occupation case

Based on Elizondo’s words, there is a UFO crash incident outside of Edwards Air Force Base involving a contacted survivor with at least one other witness. It happened to a young woman named Lorraine Dvorak Cordini in 1971. This case is mentioned in different books with minor changes.

According to eyewitnesses, one summer afternoon in 1971, the calm Californian night was suddenly broken by a loud otherworldly roar, ending with an equally terrifying crash. As people ran out of their homes, a large cloud and signs of flame were visible near Edwards Air Force Base in California. Several people claimed they had allegedly seen ” three gray humanoids ,” as well as a female human in a strange tight-fitting pink outfit, among the wreckage of a wrecked vehicle.

However, before anyone knew what had happened, many military trucks and other vehicles arrived and quickly sealed off the area. In addition, they removed the rubble and any sign of the incident and took the humanoids and the woman with them. Some residents assumed they were taken to Edwards Military Base.

A witness named Debbie Clayton reported that she had heard a loud bang. There was a cloud of dust outside her house. The ufologist Albert Rosales located that mysterious woman in the pink bodysuit, and she agreed to undergo a hypnotherapy session to remember the events of that night.

Here Lorraine is in a 1996 local newspaper article: “Group prepares for first contact as UFOs gain more credibility.” In light of current events, these were prophetic words.

Lorraine claimed that she had been abducted from her home, dressed in pink clothing, and taken to a large spacecraft in Earth orbit for inspection.

She was then put in a smaller ship, the one that crashed, and sent back to Earth with various strange creatures. She woke up already in the military hangar. Even stranger, at least according to the hypnosis sessions, while she was there, she saw not only military personnel but also strange creatures with large heads, different from the ones that had been taken from her room.

Needless to say, this whole story seems very strange and raises doubts about its veracity. Clayton was puzzled when he found no newspaper writing about the story and no news about it on television.

It was the first case of the sole human survivor found in a Crash Retrieval. Investigator Richard Geldreich Jr. wrote details about this case and found the identity of the witness and the contactee. Lorraine or Lori was working on her autobiography in 2009 but it never came out, maybe she died before bringing her into the world.

Elizondo is certain of the UFO occupation and recovered alien biological samples. He even gave his candid take on the 1947 Roswell accident in New Mexico and more in an interview with the Roswell Daily Record .

He said he had discussions with so-called ” greybeards ” in the Pentagon who had been involved with UAP since Project Blue Book . It was from these individuals that Elizondo learned what likely occurred at Roswell in 1947.

Elizondo said: “ These people were convinced that the events in New Mexico were not fiction. In fact, it was a very real event, and very exotic material was recovered… And then there was a subsequent effort to try to be very dismissive of what occurred in New Mexico .”

On UAP Phenomenon, Elizondo noted: “ This is something we have been dealing with for a long time. Imagine the first person to get on a ship and sail towards the horizon. There are stories of sea monsters and Krakens that will devour you and destroy your ship. However, we did it anyway. We sail and explore the world. It turns out that, 500 years later, there are sea monsters. We call them the Great Pacific Squid, and the Great White Sharks, and the Whales.

Now they are just part of nature and have a scientific name, but those sea monsters still exist. They are there, we have just learned to understand them. Maybe this is the same. Maybe this is just another expedition on the horizon where we will realize that what we thought were monsters are just neighbors .”

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