We sometimes sense a presence around us. We constantly regard a shiver or illogical dread, even if we can’t see it, as a method our subconscious signals us something is there… Could it be extraterrestrial visitors?

While many people identify this feeling with ghosts, some theories believe it might be something else entirely. Alien species from other dimensions might be appearing before our eyes.

Other-dimensional visitors “among us”

According to one idea, our existential plane is not the only one that exists. Recent experiments appear to have established the existence of parallel universes.

If these parallel worlds exist, they will very certainly have life similar to ours. Will they be like us, or might they be another species?

We might be in the presence of space-time anomalies that allow aliens from other dimensions to enter where their appearance cannot be comprehended by the human eye without our realizing it.

If these specters are able to travel around our surroundings, they can lead people to experience high levels of tension and irrational dread.

This might explain why we hear footsteps when we are completely alone, as well as strange noises like tapping. These might be non-verbal cues that they’re conveying.

It isn’t the first time we’ve heard or read about individuals complaining about how their house doors are opened or closed. When they go to check, however, they travel in the opposite way. Moving chairs or appliances that switch on and off.

Even the sense of strange odors or sounds coming from within the walls for no apparent cause. Particularly at night.

We’ve all observed these events at some time, and despite the fact that our defense system remains on high alert, we never locate the source or explanation.

Evidence from science?

Two studies published in the Royal Astronomical Society’s Monthly Notices investigate what might happen in parallel worlds with higher dark energy proportions than our own.

The researchers built universes with varying beginning properties using enormous computer simulations, revealing that the circumstances required for the creation of galaxies and areas where life can arise are not as unique as previously thought.

This has significant implications for multiverse theory.

The simulations demonstrated that the accelerated expansion of the Universe, driven mostly by dark energy, has an influence on the formation of stars, according to Pascal Elahi, co-author of the study and a researcher at the University of Western Australia.

As a result, areas where life can be born.

As a result, science backs the existence of parallel worlds. That life might be quite different from ours and could have made its way into our reality in some way. Are there extraterrestrial visitors among us?

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