NASA’s satellites have discovered water on the moon.

While orbiting the Moon, a NASA spacecraft found water molecules there. The results were presented in groundbreaking study using the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

This incredible Moon discovery disproves the conventional wisdom that the Moon’s surface is dry.

We were previously informed by NASA that the only water on the Moon may be found in tiny pockets of ice near the poles. However, we now know that the Moon has liquid water. Isn’t it amazing?

The author of the study is Amanda Hendrix. She noted that these incredible discoveries will further our knowledge of the lunar water cycle and will unquestionably be helpful to humans on upcoming lunar missions.

“Humans will employ lunar water for temperature control, radiation protection, and fuel. Future missions won’t require us to transport these supplies from Earth.

The LRO Lyman Alpha Mapping Project’s lead investigator is Dr. Kurt Retherford. He wanted to emphasize how important this finding is, especially in light of NASA’s next Moon mission.


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