Former Pentagon UFO Physicist Makes Claims: “UFOs Are Vehicles Outside Our World”

Dr. Eric Davis was a consultant on the Pentagon’s original UFO program. He is the Science Director for EarthTech Int’l, Inc. and the Austin Institute for Advanced Study. Innovative propulsion physics for interstellar flight, science of interstellar flight, directed energy weapons, advanced space nuclear energy and propulsion, general relativity theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity theories, experimental quantum optics and SETI-xenoarchaeology are some of the research and expertise of Dr. Davis.

Davis: UFOs Are Alien Spaceships

Respecting the qualifications of Dr. Davis he is one of the few people whose statements should be taken extremely seriously when it comes to something like UFOs. At the 2013 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas the award-winning physicist said that some UFOs are “definitely objects of extremely advanced technology”.

In an interview with Huffington Post writer Lee Speigel, Dr. Davis discussed why scientists are hesitant to talk about his interest in UFOs. He said:

“There are scientists who are aware of evidence and observational data that are not refutable. It is absolutely corroborated using forensic techniques and methodologies. But they won’t publicize it because they fear. Not the subject – they fear the reaction of their professional colleagues. The impact on their career could be detrimental and they would get bad publicity.”

At the 29th Annual SSE Conference in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, USA Dr. Davis answered the UFO question with regards to the potential physics for traversable wormholes, warp drives and antigravity. During a Q&A session a questioner asked if “…the properties of UFOs have guided the thinking and research of this initiative”. Dr. Davis replied, “Secretly yes and openly no.”

Giving a reason for the secrecy, he stated that “UFOs have no credibility with leading academic researchers” and that “… policymakers and decision makers responsible for funding and programming… do not want to hear the topic of UFOs. So, for the purpose of doing this officially, [we didn’t bring in UFOs], but we considered this under the table.”

Discussing the UFO and warp drive issue Dr. Davis declared:

“We haven’t seen performances that adhere to the warp drive because… basically it’s just between stars and we don’t see UFOs folding anywhere. We see them making ninety-degree turns and rapid movements. They disappear and reappear. That is still undetermined.”

He commented on the issue of antigravity:

“…We have antigravity in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity… There are aspects of antigravity, the negative energy properties of a vacuum, that would create a repulsive force that allows something to levitate above. And UFOs display that.”

In 2003 Dr. Davis co-authored a scientific paper titled “Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anômalous Phenomena” along with astronomer Dr. Jacques F. Vallée where the duo tried to explain that the ongoing study of the UATP can offer an existence theorem for new models of physical reality.

In the article the authors attempted to clarify the issues surrounding “high strangeness” observations by distinguishing six layers of information that can be derived from UAP events, namely (1) physical manifestations, (2) antiphysical effects, (3) psychological. factors, (4) physiological factors, (5) psychic effects and (6) cultural effects. They speculated that UAPs are analogous to these display technologies, but utilize a wider range of variables to operate on perceptuals and, through them, on human culture.

Davis Confirms UFO Crash in Del Rio?

Dr. Eric Davis has become one of the most trusted sources of first-hand knowledge about the phenomenon. He is a very reliable source on the subject because of his training and experience. Dr. Davis was interviewed by George Knapp on Coast To Coast AM in June 2018. He acknowledged that the famous Del Rio, Texas UFO incident circa 1955 was a successful crash recovery similar to Roswell, NM, during the interview.

This well-known incident involved an Air Force pilot who saw an accident and later saw the bodies of some creatures. It happened closer to Langtry, Texas, on the Mexican side of the border. Authorities in Mexico and the United States would have handled recovery from the accident. This is a significant victory for global UFO researchers as well as local Del Rio residents who have been researching the occurrence for years. It is hoped that the public will be motivated to reflect on these disclosures.

Knapp during the discussion said, “It makes it look like there’s something to analyze or reverse engineer.”

Dr. Davis said: “Yes, they have… I would say… you know… If you’re going to bet on Roswell, your bet is very good. Del Rio, Texas this was one case from the 1950s, this was another one and the others I won’t mention because they are still confidential.”

That was the extent of what he said about the Del Rio accident. He added: “But um… and they haven’t been investigated to my knowledge I’m sorry they haven’t been REVEALED or PUBLISHED to my knowledge. So not knowing that this is the case I’m not going to talk about it any more but we have crash recoveries and they’ve been analyzed and unfortunately our laboratory diagnostic technologies and our materials science and understanding of physics that we had were not advanced enough to be able to to make heads or tails of what is, of what they had in their hands.”

Davis: Pentagon Has Vehicles Outside Our World

According to the July 2020 New York Times article by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, Dr. Davis stated that “he gave classified information to a Department of Defense agency in March about ‘off-world vehicle not made on this earth’ recoveries. ‘” Dr. Davis often appears in stories about strange Pentagon investigations. He received $7.5 million from the Air Force in 2004 to research “psychic teleportation” or the ability to move between places using only the mind.

Astrophysicist Eric Davis during an interview with the New York Post.
According to the July 2020 Times article, “off-world vehicles” that the Pentagon recovered may have been used by alien civilizations to travel to Earth. This is a truly startling claim that requires equally extraordinary evidence. However, the report admitted that “no crash artifacts have been publicly produced for independent verification” and acknowledged that astrophysicists claim that “even the lack of a plausible terrestrial explanation does not make an extraterrestrial the most likely”.

Davis & Wilson UFO Leak

The name of Dr. Eric Davis is also associated with Admiral Wilson’s controversial UFO document. For several years it was in the public domain, which was previously considered a hoax. But as the pace of UFO disclosures has accelerated, the hoax is apparently turning into an authentic document that author and researcher Richard Dolan has called the “UFO leak of the century.” Furthermore, the authenticity of Wilson’s UFO leak was also supported by Stanford professor Gary Nolan.

After they were discovered in the archives of the now-deceased Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, they leaked somehow. These 15 pages of notes describe Admiral Wilson’s discovery of a deeply classified program to study extraterrestrial technology.

During this alleged conversation, Admiral Wilson tells Dr. Davis about a series of programs he discovered hidden in the Pentagon’s black project records that were actively involved in attempts to reverse-engineer a salvaged craft that they believed could operate in the air, sea, space or perhaps even other dimensions. The program manager concluded that the craft was not man-made.

The claims were hotly debated among ufologists, but never corroborated. The DIA director at the time, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson, would have denied it all. Numerous national security experts and researchers have also dismissed it as a hoax.

But one of the other key individuals named in the document, astrophysicist Eric Davis, didn’t directly address this in public, only fueling suspicions that there might be something to it. And Davis alluded to the possibility of some of the allegations contained in the alleged memo last year in an interview with The New York Times.

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