NASA Is Taking UFOs Seriously—Now It’s Time To Do The Same For Bob Lazar

George Knapp, an award-winning American television investigative journalist has interviewed people whose claims are the foundation of UFOlogy. He has been bringing great stories to the KLAS-TV audience in Las Vegas since 1981, establishing a national reputation for treating unusual topics with serious journalism. After NASA’s serious turn over the UFO studies, it is time to rethink the claims made by two important UFO whistleblowers: John Lear & Bob Lazar.

The name Bob Lazar is synonymous with Area-51, the secret US army base in Nevada that exists for a very long time but had been just a conspiracy until 2013. It happened due to archivist Jeffrey Richelson, who made it possible for the government to finally admit that Area-51 is a real place in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

Area-51 is one of the world’s most secretive places controlled by the US Air Force, which is rumored to be the storehouse of alien spacecraft, where their technology is being developed. It has been actively working since 1955 (as officially stated), which was the study point of UFOs in the 1950s. Since then, the place has become a pilgrimage for alien hunters and UFO researchers.

For some people, Lazar is just another fraudster but many believe that he knows things that should be taken seriously. The eeriest about the 2017 videos is the way these objects moved, whatever they are, dovetailed with descriptions Mr. Lazar revealed in the late 1980s, when he claimed to have worked near Area-51, allegedly reverse-engineering recovered flying saucers.



element 115
This image features Bob Lazar and the Aerogel that was used to package the ELEMENT 115 for transport. There has been a lot of confusion about this – and about the function of ELEMENT 115 in alien spacecraft. And this is a core aspect of what Bob Lazar has told you. Image credit: Jeremy Corbell

In 1989, Bob Lazar blew the lid off the government’s UFO secrets. While working at the S-4 base just south of Area 51, Lazar said he saw 9 alien spacecraft (Certainly these crafts came from another… not just another planet, another solar system entirely), photos of alien autopsies, and technology of alien origin.

Lazar was introduced to Knapp through aviation expert John Lear (read about him below), who appeared on Knapp’s “On the Record” program with far-out statements surrounding aliens, UFOs, and government conspiracies.

Credibility is a long road, and Lazar’s past involvement in projects from a rocket car to a brothel made him an easy target. Lazar acknowledged the problem but stuck to his story. Debts and divorces gave his critics more reasons to poke holes in his story, and some scientists have ridiculed his stories as beyond belief.



Seven years after the original interview, the movie “Independence Day” cemented much of the popular lore about Area 51 and aliens, and Lazar’s stories seemed an afterthought.

It has been more than three decades since Lazar first shared his story with Las Vegas investigative reporter George Knapp. He was also the subject of the Netflix documentary “Bob Lazar: Area-51 & Flying Saucers,” that was written and directed by Jeremy Corbell. But here is the thing: nothing Lazar said has ever been disproven. As a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast, along with Corbell, Lazar helped inspire the “Storm Area 51” furor in 2019, according to the event’s creator Matty Roberts.

When Lazar first cited Element 115 as a possible power source of antigravitational propulsion, it did not exist on the periodic table. Now it does. Is that not odd? His description of crafts that can manipulate the space-time continuum, dead stopping or zigzagging with zero effects of G-force, or rotating and fly ing belly up, is exactly what those navy videos show us.



Former SR-71 Blackbird Pilot Capt. David E. Fruehauf: “Bob Lazar’s statements and all the things he has said have gelled now. To the point I think he’s very credible”. “When I was there (Area 51), we knew about S-4, but we didn’t know what they did… they would go in a different direction in a bus, and we went on to the north.” “…for me, that after I left there, they had seen Bob Lazar there. And they admitted that to me recently.” (Source)


Bob Lazar claimed his supervisor was named “Dennis Mariani,” who was around 45 to 50 years old in 1988/89. Did he even exist? Richard Geldreich Jr. from Medium located the identity of this person. His full name was Dennis John Mariani, and he died in 2007. Another Lazar’s claim turned out to be true. (Source)

Moreover, former Air Force Intelligence Officer Richard Doty states there is “a ~3,000 page “Enter Control Roster” for “all of Area-51,” where Bob Lazar’s name appears. This Roster spans from January 1, 1979, to December 31, 1990. The FOIA requests have been filed on it, waiting for the authenticity of the roster. (Source)

Lazar told Knapp: “Well, there was a very brief time there I had sent out resumes to several places, and I wanted to get back into the scientific field again. Almost simultaneously, I met John Lear and read some of his material. And initially, I thought he was just
absolutely crazy. But apparently, he did have a good source of information because, as it turns out, some of the information that he had I actually had hands-on experience with.”

There are some differences in Lazar’s meeting with Lear. But prior to the Knapp interview, they both met in 1988. Lear had also confirmed that he introduced Bob Lazar and Linda Moulton Howe in the fall of 1988. (Source)

It is very unfortunate that Lear has passed away, but his legacy will remain in the UFO study. He dedicated part of his life to serve in the US Air Force and then worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Lear’s death on March 29, 2022, sent ripples through the worlds of aviation and conspiracy theories. Lear was widely known for his claims about UFOs and Area-51, but also for a lifetime of daring exploits in everything that could fly.

Lear was the son of American inventor Bill Lear, who created the Lear jet and invented the 8-Track tape system. Determined to carve out his own path, Lear dove into aviation, becoming an accomplished pilot at a young age, eventually setting multiple world records in all manner of planes. His daredevil life came with a cost, as serious injuries caused by plane crashes he should not have survived.

“Most people think I’m absolutely nuts and that’s OK with me,” Lear told 8 News Now in a 2007 interview. Lear, who is known as the “Godfather of conspiracies,” was behind breaking the story of the existence of a secret plane that was invisible to radar and a UFO coverup linked to Area 51.

On March 29, 1989, Lear and his friends recorded a video of the object, a glowing disc that rose from a facility on the outskirts of Area-51 that officially did not exist. Ironically, March 29 was the same date Lear died at his Las Vegas home, though many years later.

Later that year, Lazar’s identity was revealed. John Lear talked about a July 1987 incident when an enormous UFO reportedly followed a cargo plane over Anchorage, Alaska, and a 1975 incident when UFOs reportedly hovered over Strategic Air Command bases. Investigative journalist George Knapp asked Lear about the church’s view of UFOs in the interview in “On The Record,” a 30-minute TV show broadcast on KLAS TV in Las Vegas in the late summer of 1987.


Lear mentioned Japan Air Lines Cargo Flight 1628 incident. He answered that as the aircraft passed over the United States border and the northern part of Anchorage, it was intercepted by a UFO that was twice the size of an aircraft carrier, and followed it for about 40 minutes. He said: “Regardless of what you hear, the FAA did have him on radar and so did the Air Force. If you have a picture there. This is a 26-page document made by Bruce Maccabee who’s a physicist employed by the Naval Surface weapons laboratory and one of the most respected figures in ufology.

Knapp: You’ve said before you thought that a lot of their intentions were hostile and you’ve mentioned before that a lot of the sightings around the military bases. Why don’t we see them here? Las Vegas, we’ve got a lot of military bases here. (Source)

Lear: Well, the in fact there have been a lot of a lot of reports of UFOs in around Las Vegas, not specifically over the Air Force bases. We have the Test Site and of course, we don’t know what’s going on there, and we have Nellis Air Force Base. But there have not really been a lot of sightings over there. The main Air Force sightings were in 1975. And the UFOs descended on every Strategic Air Command base guarding the perimeter of the northern United States. They hovered over the nuclear weapons storage area and they stayed there with impunity for up to two and three hours over a period of three days.

“The problem is not only just the fact that there are five and as many as 10 different civilizations visiting us. Apparently, and this is from the research that I’ve done, at least 90% of them are hostile. And when I say hostile, if not hostile, they have a completely different set of morals than we do,” he added.

During his interview with Coast to Coast AM radio program, Lear made some statements that could be hard for anybody to digest. He said that in 1953, a UFO crashed with an extraterrestrial named EBE 3, who helped the US government to build spacecraft with alien technology. Then he said that in 1962, a craft with incredible speed was built to carry passengers and take them to Moon in just 60 minutes. In 1966, NASA had a trip to Mars. What’s more, “humans there were adapted to breathe in the thin atmosphere.”

Given that flights into space are carried out only within the same galaxy in which planet Earth is located, and even then at very short distances, therefore, it is not worth completely rejecting the information provided by John, because the government always has something to hide.

The following statement by the ex-CIA pilot is also worth noting: “The moon is an artificial body that was dragged to our planet, as a result of which an ice age broke out on Earth that killed all living things.” In fact, the circumstances of the appearance of the moon in outer space are not exactly known, and no one has seen the back of the moon. John also explained in his interview how Moon had been created in Jupiter and brought to Earth’s orbit about 15,000 years ago which was nearly around the last Ice Age. Besides, he said that the Greys are on the moon as well, but mainly remain underground within huge laboratories.

John Lear also said that NASA astronauts flew to Mars in 1966. Besides, Lear believed that astronauts had been preparing for this mission especially long. They introduced certain drugs into the body, allowing people to adapt to Martian climatic conditions. Allegedly, those astronauts could breathe rarefied Martian air, so NASA had the opportunity to launch humans on the red planet for a longer time.

The most amazing thing is that there are many great authors, military or experts in espionage, space aeronautics, etc. that confirm many of these incredible statements, such as Colonel Philip Corso, David Wilcock, Glen Steckling, Henry Deacon, Barr Digregorio, and Gilbert Levin. They are not simple madmen but key figures in space research.

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