A mysterious stone carving at the ancient royal city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka has baffled scientists. To this day, no one knows what the image is supposed to symbolize. Fans of the supernatural have their own explanations. For example, that it could be a stargate, oh even an ancient map of the universe. Sri Lanka’s Mysterious Stargate an Ancient Map of the Universe.


Is there a stargate to the universe in Sri Lanka, or even a gate to another dimension? The internet has been awash with speculation ever since images of a strange stone carving first surfaced. But this did not appear anywhere on the island, but was discovered in the holy city of Anuradhapura, also known as the land of kings. Same that was once the seat of the first kingdom of Sri Lanka. Theories that revolve around this supposed Stargate are as numerous as some are absolutely bizarre.


The alleged stargate is an engraving on a rock, according to «BBC» of 1.80 meters in diameter.
The representation is now known as “Sakwala Chakraya”, which means “Circle of the Universe” in Sinhalese. The stone engraving is located within the limits of the ancient city of Anuradhapura, where the first kingdom of Sri Lanka arose in 377 BC. The complex is now one of the most visited places on the island. But despite being one of the most visited complexes in this place, it is not the only stargate that exists in this area.

“Sakwala Chakraya” is unlike any other engraving from the Anuradhapura dynasty, which ruled Sri Lanka from the 3rd to 10th centuries AD, in terms of depictions. You can see, among other things, seven concentric circles, divided by horizontal and vertical lines. Numerous symbols such as a bow and arrow are visible to the naked eye, and one of the outer rings has engravings of fish, turtles, and seahorses. Four indentations have been carved into the ground directly in front of the stone image, which scientists interpret as some sort of seating: could the stargate be activated from here? At least that is what many voices on the Internet believe, and they also provide “proof”.


According to “BBC” there are also almost identical engravings with similar symbols and structures in Egyptian Abu-Ghurab and Peruvian Puno, which are also presumed to be Stargates. Therefore, the stone image at Anuradhapura could be nothing less than a cosmic map, according to Friends of the Supernatural.

Stargate in Sri Lanka could be an ancient map of the universe
Another unquestionable coincidence for the Internet community is that the three Stargates are very close to the water. This is said to have allowed extraterrestrial visitors to mine for gold here on Earth. Also, Anuradhapura, and thus the Stargate in Sri Lanka, is very close to a mountain also known as “Alien Mountain”.

This mountain, which the locals call “Danigala”, is circular in shape, with a flat plateau on top. The supposedly perfect landing site for UFOs, if you believe the unclassified comments on the internet. But as for this theory, scientists are very skeptical, since there is no engraving or object that says what it really is. In fact, if the Buddhist monks have any tangible information, they must keep it well guarded since they themselves remain silent and do not reveal even the smallest detail about the stargate.

The Stargate an early presentation of the universe built by ancient civilizations
But locals also believe that the mountain attracts more shooting stars and thunderstorms than other places on the island. And what does science say about the alleged stargate? It could be a map of the world, an early representation of the universe built by the ancient civilizations that inhabited this area of ​​the earth. Or simply a map of the city of Sigiriya, which once stood on a prominent rock just half an hour from Anuradhapura. The true meaning is still unknown. However, scientists face a problem. While there are records of Anuradhapura dating back to 250 B.C. C., there is nothing at all about the alleged stargate.


This makes it correspondingly difficult to determine its true meaning and function. The “truth” doesn’t seem to interest many people at all. At least as long as there are such exciting or harmonious conjectures about the engraving. Therefore, you can find the site officially as “The Stargate at Ranmasu Uyana” on the “Sri Lanka Travel” page. The latter designates the exact place where the engraving is located. The stargate theory and gold digging aliens is also reproduced there. At the end there is at least one sentence that probably best describes the hype surrounding the Stargate. “The only fact is that despite many debates and mysteries of this place, we are not even close to understanding these engravings their origins and use.”

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