Moscow Resident Records UFOs Flotilla While Zooming on The Moon

A resident from Moscow wanted to take photos of the Moon using Nikon P900 when he suddenly noticed a very strange phenomenon that he had never seen before. He noticed a great number of spherical objects moving parallel to each other and at the same speed. Obviously, he immediately started to record everything on his camera. The recorded material immediately became viral not only in Russia but around the world. Users came up with many theories, and all of them agreed that they could not be birds or some kind satellites.

They all agreed that what the guy recorded was something that completely went beyond the ordinary. Theories and conspiracies about alien ships and unknown creatures, or futuristic drones came up in order to find an explanation for this event. Many claims that they can be some kind of celestial bodies with intelligence approaching our planet. Skeptics, however, claim that this kind is some kind of strange phenomenon unknown to us. What do you think it is? Take a look at the following video and share your impressions with us.


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