New Gigantic Holes Found in Siberia – Scientists Started Investigation

As you can tell from the pictures, multiple giant holes have been discovered in Siberia, around the Yamal Peninsula.

At first, the researchers were called after three holes were discovered, but many reports claim that a lot more have been later on discovered around the area.

Locals claimed to have spotted at least twelve of them themselves, but according to the professor in charge of the operation known as Vasily Bogoyavlevsky, 30 or more is a more probable number of holes that they’ll uncover in here by the end of their investigation.

Vasily is no ordinary man either, he is the official deputy director of the Moscow-based – Oil and Gas Research Institute and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences too so when he says there are at least 30 holes we’re inclined to believe him.

One of the holes has been analyzed so far in November out of which Vasily and his team believe to have found the reason behind their appearance.

According to them, the warm gas from underground is making its way up and upon making contact with the cold surface it causes an explosive reaction of some sort.

This is very dangerous for the locals so Vasily had them evacuated immediately.

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