Mysterious Giant Finger Found in Egypt: Evidence of the Nephilim

This 38 centimeters long giant finger was discovered back in the 1960s and as you can tell right off the bat it effectively left all of the scientists involved in the research baffled, to say the least.

This literal anomaly was uncovered in Egypt and after having been subjected to a ton of tests including an X-ray it was announced that this was the real deal all along.

Many experts agree that this is most likely evidence of an ancient Nephilim that lived on our planet in ancient times. In case you didn’t know already, Nephilim was effectively the Giants that walked the Earth in ancient times according to most legends of the past.

If the proportions of the creature are humanoid then we can already assume the fact that this creature, whatever it was, was at the very least 5 meters in height.

The pictures that you can see attached to this article all date back to 1988 and according to the original owner of the finger himself, the finger was effectively dismissed by science for a while because it was a result of a grave robbery. Gregor Spörri, the man that effectively took the pictures himself and tried to buy it from the grave robber stated that he was not willing to depart from it anytime soon for any price whatsoever.

Gregor spent his whole life afterward trying to discern what the finger could mean and after the mysterious owner disappeared, he could never stop looking for it.

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