James Fox On Brazil 1996 UFO Crash: Creature Contacted Telepathically & Left Message

Filmmaker James Fox has attended back-to-back two podcasts with Julian Dorey, where he discussed the history of UFOs and made a surprising claim about the Varginha UFO incident. He revealed a claim about the incident that he could not include in his documentary “Moment of Contact,” where an alien entity telepathically contacted one of the witnesses.

In January 1996, Brazil experienced the most controversial Varginha UFO incident, which involved numerous eyewitness testimonies of peculiar beings in Varginha, in addition to reports of a crashed UFO and the retrieval of extraterrestrial remains by the Brazilian military.

The first person to disclose the strange details of the incident was Roger Leir, a ufologist who visited Varginha shortly after the event in 2003 and later wrote the book “UFO Crash in Brazil.” Upon the police arrival, they immediately fired shots at the aliens, resulting in one of them being wounded. The injured extraterrestrial was then transported to a nearby hospital approximately 1.5 kilometers away from Varginha.

According to hospital staff, an entire wing of the facility was shut down, and the hospital was swarmed with military personnel fully armed. Despite the doctors’ attempts to save the creature, it ultimately perished and was pronounced dead on January 22, 1996.

A team of over a dozen specialists, including geneticists, conducted an autopsy, which revealed that the alien had a black tongue, no genitals, and a navel. After the autopsy, the deceased alien was placed in a wooden coffin with screws securing the lid.

James Fox Varghina Alien
Filmmaker James Fox (Left, )Marco Chereze (in photo shown by his sister) died after one of the creatures scratched him

Retired Brazilian Air Force General Jose Carlos Pereira told Fox in the documentary that “Governments tend to cover up everything they can’t explain to their population.” Whereas a university professor and amateur ultralight pilot Carlos de Sousa claimed to have seen the crash on January 13, 1996, in Varginha, Brazil.

Mr. de Sousa described the UFO in the film as the size of a school bus, a submarine-like shape, leaving the white smoke behind. He spoke to researcher Claudeir Covo on camera in 1996 and said: “It was floating and slowly losing altitude. It looked like a washing machine struggling, fighting to keep its altitude… The side of it was completely torn and it had white smoke coming out. It wasn’t black smoke like from a fire. At the time I thought it was like an aircraft in trouble, an airplane, so I decided to follow it.”

Whether the account is fictional or not, it remains one of the most discussed UFO incidents that happened outside the United States. Even twenty-five years later, the witnesses’ testimony is highly convincing to most who hear it. For 27 years, James Fox traveled across the world in pursuit of the truth regarding UFOs.

His latest UFO documentary “Moment of Contact” presents the most compelling evidence to date that extraterrestrial life exists, has visited our planet, and has even perished here.

On Julian Dorey’s podcast, Mr. Fox disclosed that the creature recovered from a 1996 incident had supposedly established telepathic contact with two doctors who treated its injuries at Humanitas hospital in Brazil. He could not include this in his documentary because he needed testimony on it. But he referred to Dr. Roger K. Leir’s book “UFO Crash in Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash with Surviving ETs” to know more about it.


In Chapter 6, “The Medical Testimony,” Lier mentioned his conversation with a doctor who had treated one of the recovered alien entities. The being, which did not appear to have a gender, telepathically communicated to him that humans were “totally detached” from their spiritual selves and it felt sorry for them.

The doctor said the alien was transferred to another hospital in “satisfactory condition,” but was apparently dead within 24 hours. Leir speculated that the being may have left its body on its accord. The alien’s craft, he was told, was taken to a military installation in the US, where it currently remains.

Dr. L (Lier): Please go ahead. I trust what you are saying is the truth.

MP (Medical Personnel): When we had finished the surgery for repair of the fracture, we were still highly tense. We did not know how the patient was going to respond to what we had done to it. We were also afraid if something untoward happened to the creature, we would get the blame from the military and the punishment might be severe. Those thoughts were going through my head. Suddenly, out of nowhere the room began to fill with a greenish mist. We all stepped back from the operating table. We did not immediately know the origin of this mist and feared it might be toxic. One of the operating room nurses began frantically banging on the operating room door. A voice on the other side inquired if we were finished with the surgery. We told them we were essentially finished but there seemed to be greenish gas collecting in the room and we did not know the origin. With that, there was some heated conversation outside of the operating room and we were told to find the origin of the greenish substance and let them know. We did not know at this point whether it was a gas, vapor or mist but finally realized it seemed to be emanating from the creature lying on the table. In deep fear, I walked slowly closer to it and approached the head of the table. Without consciously realizing it, my gaze caught the eyes of the being. His eyes were glowing red and appeared as two swirling pools of liquid. They were pulling, pulling me in, deeper and deeper. All at once giant portions of information came pounding into my head. These were like thought grams, large blocks of information. Over and over and over, like someone hitting me in the head with a hammer. I was also becoming dizzy and slightly nauseated.

Dr. L: Undoubtedly you survived this ordeal. Can you tell us what was in these thought messages?

MP: All that I am willing to tell you at this time is what the creature told me about human beings. I also want to tell you he downloaded a tremendous amount of knowledge into my head. It caused me to have headaches lasting for over two weeks following the event.

Dr. L: Please go ahead and tell us what he told you.

MP: Yes. Essentially he told me his race felt very sorry for human beings for basically two reasons. The first is that all humans have the same potential and abilities to perform the very same things his race could do. Those things we find so marvelous and magical but humans did not know how to do them. For example, he told me in cases where there is injury or disease of the body, it would not be necessary to confine one of his species to a special treatment facility such as the one he was confined in at the moment. He told me they either individually or joined together could produce all the healing necessary to repair their bodies. The second reason they felt sorry for us was we did not seem to realize we were spiritual beings only living in a temporary shell and we were totally disconnected from our spiritual self.

Dr. L: That is a fascinating piece of information. Can you tell us anything further that you learned?

MP: No, that is all we are willing to share at this time.

In an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, Fox stated that even bigger updates were coming in the future. When asked about rumors of an alleged 35-second video of the creature, Fox said: “I have personally spoken to three witnesses in Brazil. [They] claim to have seen photographic evidence — both video and stills.” “There will be details coming soon… very soon,” he wrote.

In this YouTube video, Vitorio Pacaccini, a prominent UFOlogist who had been missing from the community for a while, claims to have watched a highly compelling and detailed video proof of the Varginha alien in 2012.

According to Pacaccini, the being was very weak and not communicating, they were trying to help it stand and actually tried to feed it with an apple and water but the being did not respond to it. He describes the audio and video quality as excellent and asserts that the being matches the descriptions provided by the witnesses and military whistleblowers. It is possible that James Fox intends to share this footage in collaboration with Pacaccini.

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