Recently Leaked Thermal Images Show Slim Cylindrical UFO Flying Near Baghdad

Recently leaked thermal images show a slim cylindrical UFO flying near Baghdad . Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been a topic of interest for decades, and the topic has recently received renewed attention. A recent report from has revealed the existence of new thermal images of a UFO flying near Baghdad, taken by a US Air Force Reaper drone in May 2022. The images show a slender cylindrical-shaped object. , moving from left to right. , no visible wings or fins. Due to its unusual characteristics, the Air Force marked the object as an ” unidentified aerial phenomenon .”

According to a source with knowledge of the incident, the object appeared to be under ” intelligent control ” and had no visible propulsion system. The images were leaked by frustrated members of the USAF, who claim that the Air Force is ” burying ” numerous UFO incidents.

Jeremy Corbell , a journalist and documentarian, obtained the leaked footage and posted it on his podcast, Weaponized. He highlighted the importance of the images, saying they showed an anomalous object, which was designated a UAP by the Air Force. Corbell emphasized that the object did not have any traditional reactionary propulsion, had no flight control surfaces, and was cooler than its surrounding environment.

Watch BAGHDAD PHANTOM UAP – Armed Show in the video below!

Leaked images show a trail or flow left behind by the object, though it’s unclear if this is an artifact from the video. The military coordinates at the bottom right of the images place the location of the Reaper Drone video in northeastern Iraq, near Baghdad.

It appears that the USAF did not fire on the UFO because it had no payload and did not pose an immediate threat to ground troops. The origin and purpose of the object remain unknown, and it is not yet clear if it was an innocuous ship of a foreign army or something from another world.

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