Silver Metallic Flying Disk Released Orb Posted By Tom Delong

Tom Delong actually shared this Flying Saucer photo of an Orb being released over the USA. It absolutely looks real and genuine. It’s a great UFO.

Here’s a fantastic UFO sighting the likes of which is the very definition of a Flying Saucer but it’s also released a small UFO Orb.

There’s alway’s and I mean that sincerely, there’s “alway’s” UFOs flying in the atmosphere, at night mostly. As we see here it’s not necessarily scary but it’s definitely straight up strange and Extraterrestrial looking.

“It’s been described as the most clear Flying Saucer Ever filmed.”

A lot of news outlets have covered this particular UFO sighting because of how real it looks, Tom Delong shared this photo of the craft 2 years after it was posted by Ufolovers Instagram account. It was a bit cryptic though with just a few words along with the UFO sighting.

“Doesn’t look supernatural to me.”

After looking closer at the Orb underneath the Disk, it’s got a flat side to the Disk which I’ve looked online to the many different places where people have reported on this but nobody has picked up on this, it’s attached to the Disks underside, not Inside of the craft which is why the Orb-ish looking UFO looks the way it does. It lays flat against the Disk on the underside I assume taking the Earth’s atmosphere into account.

That’s an intelligent decision making process to take into account the Earth’s atmosphere and the wind creating drag on the craft so it has to be aerodynamic as possible. This is prior knowledge of the UFO itself. So how long has this planet been under surveillance? And this is information just going off from what we can see on the craft and it’s shape.

Nobody has ever picked up on this flat side of the UFO Orb, so it’s a good observation.

UFOs are in most places in the world, I’m seeing a huge increase in reported UFO sighting’s from around the world but mainly from the US. Let’s be clear about this, we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that they’re here and we now know that they’re real. We’ve not only got the public’s UFO video evidence constantly being updated with new UFO sighting’s but now we have the Government’s own UAP video archive as evidence also. If you was in any doubts as to UFOs being real or if they’re really here, you can now officially draw a line underneath it. Because the official answer is yes, UFOs are here and yes they are real.

The US Government refers to them as UAPs though. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. Also Trans-medium object’s flying between the sea, air and space which UFOs have been observed flying between all three.

I cannot explain it anymore than that.

The US Government’s new agency that investigates any UFO sighting’s which you should go check out;  the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). All information is available through the link’s I’ve added in this post.


Now we’re onto the next step in the research, uncovering their timelines if possible, answering any unanswered questions from the public and if possible and at the very least the Government must clarity these specifics and individual UFO sighting’s must be addressed “right now.”

The US Government has set up the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). But you must remember that UFO researcher’s amateur or professional have access to information now unlike anything else that’s ever been published. So keep an open mind big time because another 500 UAP sighting’s have been reported by US military personnel. It’s a case of how much time you or me puts into researching the available information?

The US National Intelligence office is now aware of 510 reported sightings, an increase over the 144 compiled in the spy agency’s first 2021 assessment. Nearly half of the new sightings were deemed “unremarkable” and attributed to human origins, according to the report. However, more than 100 of the encounters remain unexplained.


Bringing people’s UFO sighting(s) to the world because the witnesses aren’t comfortable with putting their name to them is a privilege for me. Bringing these UFO sighting’s to the world on behalf of the public is a service that is helping people find answers.

Are these unusual looking craft’s an elaborate hoax by individuals or groups of people who are determined to create very real looking UFO events to undermine efforts by the US Government and whistleblowers?

Are they using drones with LEDs aimed at deceiving the public. These are legitimate questions by people who are filming Or part of a secret technology program?

There’s no real answer to these as yet, the surrounding information, indirectly and insinuated by the sighting’s constantly being filmed would suggest that unless we can have a transparent stream of information conduit from the Government regarding people’s concerns, we won’t understand what is going on. We just want transparent and sincere UFO answers based on what we know their technological capabilities can give us.

Or are they going to shrivel back up like a cabbage would in the ground if left to rot?

This one UFO appears to be an Extraterrestrial craft? Humans experimented with this shape in the 1950’s, just how far did they really get? What did they learn from it? What was retrieved in 1947 at Roswell New Mexico?

Why do I say that this one looks like an Extraterrestrial craft? Because it looks so Alien and unlike anything else that’s in any aircraft fleet around the world. We’ve probably all seen the Avrocar, the jet powered fan Disk craft and the totally different looking flying disks experimented with by the air force.

We know the difference between a secret technology Disk with room for a human being, and the secret programs that don’t cater for Flying Saucers especially the ones laying egg’s during a flight test!

That’s some straight up tomfoolery, Alien shenanigans going on there.

We humans have created some whacked out and wobbly machines in the past without exception to any rule! But Flying Saucers laying egg’s, we’re not next, next level inventor crazy just yet. We’re not collectively collecting and storing yellow water In the fridges just yet.

If we look at this silver all in one metallic Disk, without welding lines or sheet metal laser cut panels, this is all in one without any adding of parts which tells me it’s a type of technology that we don’t possess yet. That indicates to me at least that it’s not our tech. Our top tier stealth Jet technology has joined together lines around the wing’s and body as metal cannot be formed in such difficult 3D shapes. We can assume from this alone that it’s not human made.

Our top stealth technology versus this has vast differences.

If we look at the shadows on the smaller UFO Orb being released, we can see the Sun’s reflection actually move across the surface of the small Orb. The shadows engulf it as if it’s been dropped into oil. This is a good, very good sign. The obvious is stacking up. The basic (the most difficult though) shadows, reflections, gravity and how thing’s generally look ie technology techniques to create this aren’t there! Like the weld lines not being there. Everything’s coming together and passing basic observations.

At least for me it is.

Next is the lack of information about this UFO which is also good. There’s a misconception that if a UFO sighting has no information it’s obvious that someone’s trying to hide something because it could easily be traced. However in my book the it’s the total opposite. To back up a fake UFO sighting someone’s probably taken day’s or even weeks to create it in Photoshop which they would certainly want to make it sound plausible after all that because they’ve gone to a lot of trouble of creating it. It would be so easy to say anything to sound plausible for example; “Rural Montana, out hiking and filmed this on Monday the so and so on such a date.”

See, when someone decides to create a UFO in software and puts effort into it. They’ll probably want it sounding like it’s real as well otherwise logic tells us that it’s the weakest link right. It’ll fail straight out of the door. So the fact that there isn’t any information on this tells me at least in most part – as I’ve layed out in this post that this could be correct?

But mine is but another opinion in a sea of opinions on this very subject and this very particular Flying Saucer. I so want to be able to point something out that nobody else has seen about a UFO and it being the opinion that cracks the code so-to-speak and get’s people talking and agreeing together. I’m human, I want to be involved in Ufology in the hopes that once Extraterrestrial life is common knowledge and accepted with real bona-fide examples of ET on Earth. That I had a little part in helping people be ready for it. So that it doesn’t freak people out.

It happened with Orson Welles, in 1938 with a drama for radio called The War of The World on CBS and on Halloween. He was hailed in front of Congress to explain himself. Police was trying to get into the radio station but the staff held them off until the radio program had finished! Seriously, check this out and check out the link for more.

The best part is this which I’ll link you to so you can read what happened for yourself. If you could go back in history in a time machine, you’d like to at least visit this once, lol!

Actor Stefan Schnabel recalled sitting in the anteroom after finishing his on-air performance. “A few policemen trickled in, then a few more. Soon, the room was full of policemen and a massive struggle was going on between the police, page boys, and CBS executives, who were trying to prevent the cops from busting in and stopping the show. It was a show to witness.”

A show to witness, if ever time travel becomes a reality I’ll be sure to stop by Stefan. Thank’s for the head’s up.

It’d be great to see how the other’s live in space, somewhere out there maybe on a distant planet, maybe not so distant maybe it could be right under our feet as some believe in Antarctica having entry points to inner Earth “Agartha.” Likely wherever intelligent life exists that is not Human, it will be different, and in an altogether different place.

How similar would it be and if we did go there? Humans being human, we wouldn’t be able to stop ourselves from comparing every single detail to back home “that’s a fact.” We do it in different cities, we do it in different homes, different countries and yes we’ll do it on different planets.

I should know because guy’s, I’m being sent an unprecedented (for me) amount of UFO sighting’s from the public and some of these are calling into question everything we’re taught about the probability of life existing in space.

We’re taught that life “only” exists on Earth.

I’ve been able to seperate the bull from the common sense, since I can remember. Just going off track for one second.

If life exists in space, one day we will meet up. One day we might communicate with each other? Are Aliens keeping us a secret from their people?

Do they have secret programs and cover ups? Or do you think this has anything to do with why they won’t contact us? I mean, it’s not self hating but damn, I’d see us Humans from space and think “I’m gonna call this in and say there’s no life here.”

Would you want to go back to your Alien home planet and announce that we exist! Knowing how awful of a collective species we are? We blow each other’s countries up, were the worst at being decent living organisms and if “we” don’t get along, what’s the chances of getting along with an Extraterrestrial species? Maybe in the beginning, but long term… What code of conduct do we humans follow? Okay maybe there’s a bit of self hating but it’s only from a third person in space perspective lol looking down at humans on the whole. That was going off track but I felt like it was important to mention this.

Earth, swerve it!

Call in sick, say it’s not there anymore in your briefing to head office (or whatever you have for a head) and pretty much just walk on by Mr Extra. Terrestrial.

That’ll be 500 dollars advisor fee’s.

See, we are the worst, lol.

In all seriousness though, can you imagine for a minute what it would look like if a craft was filmed coming into land with Earth’s media outlets around filming (probably remotely) people wouldn’t be allowed there in large numbers, but there would still be some there. The craft comes into land and that’s when the world get’s it’s first look at the life.

How else could it possibly happen? That’s what I see in my mind. Nothing spectacular, nothing that normally would be out of the normal. And no ticket tape! That’s what I hope to witness. Something bigger than me, than you, than everyone, than Earth itself, life itself. To know we’re not alone. That we could become friends, future partners on thing’s for extending life, knowledge, science and spiritually.

Spiritual, definitely spiritual enlightenment.

Here’s the UFO sighting posted by Tom Delong of Blink 182, there’s no information with this other that Tom stating “doesn’t look supernatural to me” it is what it is:

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Here’s the video I’ve added to my YouTube channel:

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