NASA confirms that it is joining the investigation of UFOs (Video)

The space agency NASA has officially confirmed that it is joining the search for UAPs (UFOs) and will increase its efforts to help the current government investigation.

Following the first public hearing in Congress on unidentified aerial phenomena ( UAPs ) in 54 years and a new law requiring a government UAP task force, credible sources have confirmed to the Daily Mail that NASA is stepping up its efforts to assist in the investigation.

The agency’s new project could throw its considerable scientific weight behind the search for possible signs of extraterrestrial life, not just on distant planets, but right here on Earth.

A NASA spokesperson confirmed that it is “assessing how to provide our expertise in Earth observations from space to improve understanding of UAPs” and “has consulted with multiple government entities.”

The declaration marks a big step for the administration, which previously dismissed all suggestions that it had anything to do with unidentified flying objects.

A source affiliated with the US government and familiar with NASA’s UAP investigation told the Daily Mail that the project will likely include collecting evidence from any astronauts who have encountered unidentified objects in space and reviewing images. and data from previous missions to help investigate any anomalous encounters.

Similarly, he added that NASA’s work will complement the new Pentagon office (AIOMSG) aimed at analyzing the threats posed by foreign objects in US airspace. and beyond.

“It’s going to be kind of a task force that will help support the Department of Defense,” the source said. “It’s looking to be complementary.”

“I suspect it will be a combination of efforts that will include perhaps eyewitness testimony from NASA employees and astronauts, and then perhaps a review of old images to assess if there are any findings within the agency’s archives that could help the AOIMSG,” he added. .

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