A giant humanoid figure has been spotted atop a mountain in Canada (Video)

A Canadian man filmed a huge figure standing on top of a mountain and then claimed the strange sight was the reason he was targeted by the CIA.

This very strange incident reportedly began earlier this year when Andrew Dawson and a friend were on their way to work in Alberta. Their usual routine took a strange turn when he noticed something unusual jutting out of the massive Whistler’s Peak in the distance.

During the shoot, Dawson asked his friend what he was seeing, and he replied with surprise: “It’s a man, dude.”


While his interlocutor expressed understandable skepticism about what he had just been told, the anomaly captured in Dawson’s video does appear to be a fairly large figure, inexplicably standing on a mountain.

When the footage was later posted on TikTok, the puzzling video garnered over two million views.

Over the next few weeks, Dawson shared more details of this curious incident (which can be seen on video), including a return to the mountain, where he revealed that the figure had mysteriously disappeared.

As Dawson continued to investigate this sighting, he became increasingly suspicious that he had accidentally stumbled upon something he was not supposed to see.


In one of the subsequent videos, he tried to visit the mountain again, but he was rudely refused by a certain official, who informed him that this place was closed to the public.

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