Anunnaki: The Weird Film That Was Banned and Never Made It to Cinemas

The production of the film “  Anunnaki  ” was supposed to be the first film of a great trilogy, this film was supposed to be released in   2006   with the first installment of the saga, but unfortunately this film   was never released  , moreover, the project   was abandoned suddenly  , along with with all the publicity for the film and its own website.

From this, a popular conspiracy theory about the film was created, where it is suspected that the  Anunnaki themselves were banned or censored  , although the ”  official  ” version is that they ran out of budget to finish the film’s production.

The director and creator of   Annunaki  ,    Jon Gress  , is a director who has very few films, so he is not very well known,   Jon   revealed in an interview that he is a faithful follower of   Zecharia Sitchin’s stories.  Zecharia Sitchin   said that while he was alive, he was able to   decipher ancient Sumerian texts   and discovered that the ancient Sumerians had   contact with extraterrestrials  , which would make the Sumerians   the most advanced civilization on Earth  . The Sumerians acquired an   impressive knowledge astronomical, agriculturist and livestock raiser, in addition, the first social structures in civilization were formed, which last until today.

Some scientists disagree with   Zecharia Sitchin  , claiming that his theories are based solely on a   misinterpretation   of ancient Sumerian texts.

Anunnaki   would have been just another science fiction movie were it not for the fact that it is supposedly   based on real events   that occurred in human history.

Many researchers said that this film could have had   a strong impact on the population , as it would have incited western  monotheism     to carry a   new belief  , which would even undermine   Darwin’s theory of evolution  , it could also have had a significant impact. impact on the way we see ourselves and the place we occupy in the immensity of the universe.

These are some of the reasons why production of the  Anunnaki  film is believed  to have been suddenly cancelled. Although some time later it became known that the authorities   did not approve   the content that the director had included in the film.

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