Huge UFO hovering at 250 miles altitude recorded on International Space Station Live Stream

As you can see from the description, what looks to be a huge UFO was recently filmed by the International Space Station at 250 miles above sea level.


The UFO itself seemed to be almost completely obscured by clouds, which many scholars consider to be a symbol of the fact that it was deliberately hidden in there since it was espying us from a distance.

NASA is yet to speak on it since, considering the fact that the internet has been practically buzzing about this recently uncovered finding as late as possible, they are just avoiding it all and waiting for it to happen most definitely.

This is by far one of the most huge UFOs we’ve ever seen in our world, too, since it seems to be a mothership of some sort that is actually guiding all the smaller UFOs we’ve seen so far across the globe.

The ship itself is presumed to be just over a few hundred kilometers large because as far as we can tell, there is no other theory out there as you can easily see the reality that it is metallic and trying to conceal its huge body under the clouds.

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