Aliens Implanted ‘Nano Chips’ Into Human Bodies And Controlling Them For Decades

One of the strangest features in the cases of alien abduction is when physical evidence remains on victims’ bodies. Roger Krevin Leir (1935-2014) was an American podiatric surgeon and ufologist who had found alien implants while performing surgeries on his patients.

According to Leir’s findings, these implants were pieces of rare metals, strange wiring, something that looked like electrodes or microcircuits. Most often, they were found in the nose area (pushed very far, almost to the brain) and in the limbs.

Roger Krevin Leir with his findings

Leir started his career as an orthopedic surgeon in California and initially had no interest in ufology. But gradually, he found his interest in UFOs and aliens and then became a member of the local branch of MUFON.

However, for many years, it was just an exciting hobby for him and he did not mix this hobby with his work. But in 1955, everything changed. That year, Leir attended a UFO event, where he saw X-rays of a woman claiming to had been abducted by aliens.

Leir, being a surgeon, found something abnormal in the photographs of a woman’s body. He found several metal objects in the pictures at once and then told the woman that he could remove them from her body. Leir was driven by curiosity, he wanted to study these objects and understand what they could have been.

When he operated the victim, he discovered that they were two tiny pieces of metal that consisted of aluminum and meteoric iron. There were no scars on the surface of the skin near the area where he pulled these objects out, and there was not the slightest trace of inflammation in the connective tissue, as if the woman’s body did not consider these objects to be foreign bodies.

How could these objects have got into the body and what were they? Leir was confused. But then he found another patient with the same implants, and when he pulled them out, they again turned out to be objects with unusual properties.

Leir operated about dozens of people, removing many different strange objects from their bodies. All implants were unique, their shapes were not repeated, it seemed that the implants were made for each person individually.

Some of them consisted of very rare elements, for example, one implant contained U-236, an isotope of uranium, and another contained iridium. And a whole group of implants was elements that are found only in meteorites.

Sometimes implants were showing strange crystalline structures, implants like carbon nanofibers or nanotubes, covered with a very hard oily layer that prevented the body from rejecting them. Some implants were magnetic, and some were said to emit obscure radio waves at the deep space-frequency and continued to emit these signals even after being removed from the body.

Leir said that he had several cases when these implants were trying to avoid a surgical scalpel and remain in the patient’s body. And when he tried to cut the implants, they were extremely resistant to conventional instruments, and only with a laser, he was able to damage some of them.

There was one frightening case when one implant, during removal, suddenly broke into several pieces, but then began to come together by itself.

According to Leir, in that case, a man from southern California had had several abductions in his life, including when he was abducted with his wife and their children.

One morning, he woke up with a pain in his toe, and then he saw several spots of blood on the sheet. After examination, Leir found a foreign body in his finger, although there was not a single wound on it and there were no traces of blood anywhere. He took x-rays and decided to remove it surgically.

After several visits, the man told Leir that he had been abducted by aliens. Leir carried out the whole operation under C-Arm (X-ray image intensifier). For the first time, the alien object split into several parts. Lier placed each piece on gauze and then transferred it to a container filled with serum from the patient’s blood.

Leir and his team managed to remove all pieces of the object except for the last one which suddenly disappeared somewhere and was never found.

After three days of the operation, Leir found that all the broken pieces were lined up next to each other. He could only say about the properties of the foreign object that all the pieces were made of a material with a special magnetic memory.

Another frightening discovery by Dr. Leir was that he found that some implants had been in the bodies of patients for many years and even for decades.

With each of these strange occurrences, Roger Leir became more and more convinced that they were dealing with alien technology. He assumed that these implants were a kind of tracking sensor for certain people, or they were supposed to track the physical condition of those people.

Leir was well aware that his work would cause a lot of critical reviews, but until his death, he assured that in the study he adhered to the most rigorous scientific methods.

Leir wrote several books on the topic of aliens and implants, many articles in magazines, and appeared on TV and radio. A lot of accusations fell on him from skeptics, who believe that his implants are just random pieces of glass or metal that got into his patients’ bodies under various circumstances not related to aliens. Leir steadfastly resisted criticism.

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