Colonel Philip James Corso Who Investigated the Roswell UFO Crash Reveals “Aliens Are Actually Biorobots”

A former military colonel that goes by the name Philip James Corso that served from 1942 to 1963 in the US Army released a book back in 1997 which still shocks people to this day. In this book, he offers extensive details regarding a mission that he supervised during which he guarded and studied a UFO wreckage in Roswell (New Mexico) back in 1947.

He states in that book that most of today’s utilities such as computer chips, optical fiber, transistors, and more are all a direct result of us getting our hands on the technology from that UFO. Because it connected to so many already known conspiracy theories at the time, a lot of people were very quick to dismiss his words.

After releasing his book though he mysteriously died of a heart attack only a few months later which is why many people believe he was killed because he said too much.

He was mentally stable as any military colonel must be; his military achievements all prove this. He was never a fanatic, he never cared about UFOs or aliens until 1990 when he suddenly released his book and talked about his beliefs during an interview with a popular radio station called “Coast to Coast AM”.

In his book, he states that Grey aliens are not aliens at all, but biorobots created to do labor on another planet. These creatures are not creatures at all, they are bio-machines.

He called them the UBOs of the Extraterrestrial Biological Objects and he stated that they were specifically designed for long-distance traveling through space and time. VIDEO:

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