Filmmaker Claims We Have Full Intact Craft & Machines Not From Earth, Built By Non-Human Intelligence

Filmmaker and investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell has been looking into the UAP phenomenon for several years. His film “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” added some credibility to the Bob Lazar case, allowing people to give him another shot of his story. His contribution to understanding UFOs cannot be denied and hence he has interviewed many authentic people who experienced the phenomena.

Corbell has stunned UFO enthusiasts with his piece of evidence on the phenomenon and information he received while studying UFOs. Based in Los Angeles, California, he is a contemporary artist and investigative filmmaker who has conducted comprehensive research on topics such as nanotechnology, aerospace exploration, and exotic propulsion systems. Additionally, he has thoroughly examined the life and discoveries of the mysterious “Godfather of Conspiracy” John Lear.

Corbell has been featured in top mainstream news media such as The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, etc. He and journalist George Knapp are two individuals who have taken the UFO to the world media. Corbell was the only civilian named during Congress’ historic UAP hearing in May 2022.

On January 24, 2023, “,” hosted by Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp, featured the release of an image. This marked the first time the American public had access to a designated UFO in an active conflict zone, according to Corbell, who also shared the image with Fox News Digital. The image raises concerns for combatants as they cannot determine which asset it belongs to.


Corbell said: “Intelligently control UAPs are picked up by radar, seen by pilots and engaged by our military on a daily basis,” and argued that “there’s no reason” the American public should not be allowed to see these videos. “That footage is never released to the public unless leaked to journalists,” said Corbell, who explained the four-second clip of the “Mosul Orb” was part of a larger, internal classified briefing from DoD to destigmatize military reporting of UFOs.

Corbell discussed Mobul Orb on Russell Brand’s show, revealing that he obtained the exclusive footage of a “UFO captured in the conflict zone” from the classified briefing that was run by Jay Stratton, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO task force. During his long career working with various intelligence agencies, Stratton might have seen more of the Pentagon’s hidden UFO files than anyone.

Stratton was in charge of almost all UFO-related activity from 2008 to 2021. He held a prominent position in Naval Intelligence and was loaned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he specialized in reverse engineering. It was Stratton who opted to use the term UAP, or unidentified aerial phenomena, instead of UFO. Along with Dr. James Lacatski, a rocket scientist, he reviewed reports of these unknown aircraft and believed that there must be a centralized entity responsible for analyzing them.


Corbell told Brand: “I’m pushing trying to put gasoline back onto this fire and make sure that they try to put it out in the right way to the American and Global public… This is a UFO straight up. They’ve made sure it’s not a balloon, they made sure it’s not a satellite.

If you ever see the video which I hope you do it moves from the right side of your screen to the left it is under intelligent control and it is not ours, it is not China’s, it is not Russia’s. This is not a balloon this is an intelligent controlled machine that is advanced and we don’t know who it’s from.”

Further, Brand asked Corbell: “How deep do you envisage this contact goes, you know when you say the government doesn’t want people to see the Mosul orb? What do you imagine is the kind of contact they’ve had? What do you think Reagan meant when he said at the screening of Close Encounters there are only a few people in the room that know how real this stuff is? How deep do you think the contact has gone and do you think it influences events here?”

Corbell replied: “I know, for certain, and it has been proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have full, intact craft and machines that we’ve been trying to reverse engineer. And I’ll just say it, man. These machines? They’re not from here. Whoever built these, appear to be a non-human intelligence.

I know, for certain, that there have been limited comms, or communications, with whoever these builders… we’ll just call ’em occupants, or builders of these craft, are. Now, are we being told the truth, when we’ve had these comms with these builders or occupants, right? And that, I have no idea. How could I possibly know?

But I do know, that we have reverse-engineering, exploitation programs, for non-terrestrial technology, and I have brought forward witnesses. I have brought forward witnesses, publicly, as well as privately, I’ve brought witnesses forward… so, within government. People know who they are. And I will be bringing a lot more people forward that have actually worked on these technologies. Verified, bonafide, no mystery. They’ve been part of these reverse-engineering SAPs – Special Access Programs. So, look, man, it’s happening.”

Corbell believes that there is some important information being withheld about extraterrestrial contact and advanced technologies, which could have significant implications for our understanding of reality and our place in the universe.

He suggests that the reason for the secrecy is because this technology could be weaponized and provide a massive advantage to the country that can replicate it. He also mentions that this topic is classified at the highest level of National Security in both the US and other governments, and that efforts are being made to study and replicate the technology.

In the further interview, Brand brought up the Bob Lazar topic, saying he believes he is legit, and asked Corbell his opinion on Lazar. Corbell said that Lazar was tasked by the US military to reverse engineer non-terrestrial technologies from a disc-style spaceship.

“I have talked to other employees that saw him go there and get off the bus and drive down to S4 which is the name of the building where he worked in on these non-terrestrial Technologies. We had nine intact craft,” Corbell said.

Corbell emphasized that dismissing Lazar’s message by attacking his persona is a dangerous mistake and that whistleblowers like Lazar are important for bringing to light sensitive government information. He claimed that Lazar’s testimony is supported by evidence, including sightings by other employees. Lazar’s story is significant because it sheds light on the government’s alleged reverse engineering of alien technologies.

Corbell believes that UFOs and aliens are just a small part of a much larger and mysterious phenomenon. He suggests that what we are seeing may be closer to dimensional travel or an alternate reality, rather than machines from other planets. Corbell has spoken with thousands of close encounter eyewitnesses who have shared stories that indicate something bigger than just flying machines.

He cites Skinwalker Ranch as an example, where there have been reports of a tear in the sky from which beings and craft emerged. Corbell argues that cattle mutilations are also part of this phenomenon and cannot be separated from UFO sightings.

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