Scott C. Waring: “The Sun could hide an alien city”

The controversial theoretician and researcher, Scott C. Waring, assured that one of the photographs taken by NASA’s space probe, SOHO, would show a city under the surface of the Sun.

On November 15, 2022, a strange image of the Sun mysterious geometric figures. Despite the fact that few people dared to affirm that they were,  Scott C. Waring  assured that it is a  hidden structure  under the surface.

City hidden under the surface of the Sun

Waring explained that a  dark area  on the Sun began to form as the surface material receded. This revealed that there was  something hidden  below the surface.

Based on the shape it had, he is convinced that it is an  alien megastructure  since it  is only around 3% of its actual size . The rest would be hidden under the Sun. He believes that only this small portion is visible, because they are the  tallest structures , like the mountains on Earth that loom above the clouds.

The theorist explained that during his more than 20 years of UFO research, he has only seen this phenomenon  twice . The last one was in the year 2013. Now, he is convinced that there is a  Dyson sphere  inside the Sun.

For centuries, we have been told that the Earth has a privileged location since if it were closer to the Sun, life would not be possible, but other theories would show that this cannot be confirmed.

According to NASA, the maximum temperature that a planet must have for life to exist is 122 degrees Celsius. However, there is ice in the caps of Mercury, when its proximity to the Sun gives it a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t make sense .

An inhabited planet?

Some members of the scientific community suggest that Sol  is not a star , but a zero-point electromagnetic power station. Therefore, it does not generate heat.

They claim that the  Earth ‘s heat  is a consequence of the Sun’s rays crossing the atmosphere. So, the temperature on the planet  would be generated by the atmosphere  when hit by radiation.

Since 1937, there has been the “Electromagnetic Theory of the Cold Sun, Analysis of a New Structure in the Universe”, written by the Salvadoran engineer  Isaías Araujo .

It suggests that the king sun does not emit light as it is a  cold star  and daylight is  artificial , which would explain its brilliant white color, clarity, penetration force and the order of decomposition of its spectrum. Even the ultraviolet rays  cannot be attributed to the star alone .

Some even claim that  NASA  creates the images it shows of the Sun.

Sir William Herschel , a German-British astronomer, suggested that the star is heading towards the  constellation Hercules , dragging along the entire solar system.

He also postulated that it could be inhabited and that its inhabitants  did not suffer from the intense heat  as we experience on Earth, since the Sun is a cool body and not a burning mass.

Other astronomers and engineers have suggested and explained theories of the cold Sun and the possibility of its being inhabited. Is there really a hidden structure under its surface?

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