Petrified Angel Filmed by Two Russian Quarry Workers That Went Missing Short After (video)

A strange and unusual discovery has recently been made in Russia by two stone quarry workers. What they found has left many stunned and searching for answers. The workers stumbled upon a petrified being that resembles an angel with wings. The intricate details of the petrified angel are astonishing, with every feather and facial feature perfectly preserved.

The two workers quickly made a video recording of the petrified angel using their mobile phones. They called the authorities to report their discovery but when they arrived, they were faced with a mystery. The petrified angel had vanished and so had the workers. The only evidence left behind was the mobile phone that contained the video recording.

The authorities were able to view the video and soon after, it was leaked to the public. The video has since gone viral and has sparked widespread interest and speculation. Many are calling the petrified angel a work of art while others believe it may be a real-life angel or some other supernatural being.

The sudden disappearance of the petrified angel and the workers is a cause for concern. The authorities have launched an investigation but so far, no leads have emerged. The petrified angel and the workers remain missing and the case remains unsolved.

The discovery of the petrified angel has left many questions unanswered. Is this a hoax or is it something much more mysterious? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the video recording serves as a testament to the incredible and unexplained discovery made by two workers in a Russian stone quarry.


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