Elon Musk and NASA Will Try To Bring This Giant Gold Asteroid To Earth

As ridiculous as it may sound, the title is not clickbait in the slightest. This is an £8,000-quadrillion asteroid we’re talking about right here, one that could literally destroy our economy as soon as it reaches our planet.

This is actually one of the greatest flaws that are never really addressed in most science fiction movies and shows out there.

The only reason as to why we attribute value to certain items and materials is because we don’t have an abundance of them, so unlocking space travel would literally change everything including our economy and what we see as valuable and whatnot.

Exploring this metal asteroid known as 16 Psyche was commissioned by NASA and SpaceX as for the first time Elon Musk has decided to join hands with NASA so as to make sure that this mission will come to a proper conclusion.

The mission will begin at Cape Canaveral in the summer of 2022 and as you can already tell, their goal is not to mine the asteroid but to explore it and research its composition. Since it is made primarily out of platinum, iron, and nickel, Psyche is literally worth 100 times more than our current world’s economy which is around £59.5 trillion.

This mission is set to launch in the summer of 2022 and if all’s well that ends well we won’t accidentally destroy our planet’s economy as we know it in the process.

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