The Secret Entrance to the Mythical Land of Hyperborea Re-Discovered by Researchers

We’ve always longed to find the mythical land of Hyperborea and although we’ve had reports here and there, we’ve never actually felt like we were getting closer to the discovery altogether.

Recently however experts actually came across proof of the fact that the ancient Sami people might know where the entrance to Hyperborea is after all. The discovery in itself was made off of the Shores of Lake Seydozera over on which you can find yourself the sacred Angvundaschorr rock.

On this rock, you can find the following colossal silhouette which the Sami people are worshipping to this day. Their myths range from ludicrous to downright unimaginable but experts believe that this one might not be all that far off after all from the truth.

They knew of the entrance to the mythical land of Hyperborea since ancient times but they were never allowed to enter it as they weren’t deemed peaceful enough to coexist with the wizards and warlocks from there. So, they were fended off by Kuiva the Giant the whole time. No matter how much they tried to fight him off they simply were no match for the Giant warlock as he was said to be stronger than any man or Giant at the time.

The Sami had their own Giant but they still couldn’t win. So, they invoked the wrath of the Gods to help them in their fight, and so a massive series of lightning bolts lit up the sky decimating Kuiva, leaving the following imprint behind. The entrance is said to have been covered altogether.

If this myth is true then Hyperborea might be somewhere inside of the mountain.

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