Elon Musk talks about UFOs and alien life

Elon Musk spoke out online at the World Government Summit in Dubai about aliens.

According to Elon Musk, the inexplicable objects shot down by the US military last week were not of extraterrestrial origin because they probably did not exist.

“I don’t think they’re aliens, no. I find the whole extraterrestrial thing very interesting, you know, what’s often called the Fermi paradox, which is that if the universe is really as old as scientists think it is, then what? Where?” are they aliens?

“If it’s been around for 13.8 billion years, shouldn’t aliens be everywhere? Crazy, I haven’t seen any evidence of alien technology or alien life at all. I thought I would know. You know, SpaceX… I don’t I don’t think there is anyone who understands space, or at least space technology, better than I do,” he said.

Musk added that the absence of extraterrestrial life in the universe is “actually a bit worrisome.”

“What that could really mean is that civilization is like a small candle in the vast darkness. And a very vulnerable little candle that could easily go out.

“And I think therefore we should be very careful about what may very well be this little candle in the vast darkness, and make sure that it doesn’t go out, and that we spread the light of consciousness beyond the Earth, and let’s do everything possible to ensure that the light of conscience does not go out,” he added.

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