UNICEF video encourages children to accept extraterrestrials

This clip, titled “Marciano” appeared on UNICEF Chile’s Facebook page and they own this video.

It does a great job of getting you to develop empathy for a new student at a school who is mercilessly criticized and rejected by his peers because he is “different”. In this case, his difference is that he looks like a hybrid between a human and a reptilian – or alternatively, a human hybrid with a classic “Grey” alien from cable TV.

The boy’s classic and pop-cultural ET appearance could be seen as a metaphor for “difference” and this piece could simply be a message of acceptance from “others” addressed to children, but I tend to disagree that this is the only way to see it. this video.

First of all, Chile is not an extremely diverse society like the United States, where more than 800 languages ​​are spoken every day in New York City homes alone. In Chile, Spanish is spoken by 99.5% of the population, made up of 89% Europeans and 11% indigenous South Americans – and some Polynesians from Easter Island, which is part of Chile.

Second, the details here point to this being a strong message specifically about aliens and/or alien hybrids: we see him at home, lying in bed with printed sheets of flying saucers, as he gazes wistfully at the glowing star field. in the dark on the bedroom ceiling.

During a school play where, on stage, we see children playing the roles of a sorcerer and a girl monarch with butterfly wings, the young outcast reveals his superpower skills in telekinesis to levitate children on stage, thus adding more “magic”. and drama to the setting.

Suddenly, our green-skinned friend becomes the most popular boy in his class, as UNICEF urges us (in Spanish): “Don’t miss the opportunity to accept someone different. Don’t miss the opportunity for them to change your life.”

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