NASA Has Kept This A Secret For A Long Time.

People have been studying the Moon with the eyes of a researcher since ancient times, hoping to find something strange or extraordinary.
Since ancient times, individuals have focused on the Moon with specialist eyes, hoping to find something unusual or unprecedented. The so-called Brookings Report, distributed in the mid-1960s, defined what a man would face on the Moon.

This examination was expected to find evidence of an alien human advance on the Moon.

There was the possibility of defeating the logical and specialized achievements of an off-Earth development on the moon.

George Leonard delivered “Another Person Is On The Moon” in the UK in 1977. G. Leonard is someone who needs to remain unknown. He is a secret.

However, this is a highly informed person who has accessed a large amount of information, including highly confidential material.

This book contains 35 photos, each with a NASA code number, many detailed drawings produced, according to the writer, from NASA photos of enormous setup, magisterial commentary, and an extensive catalogue, all of which lead to the user to a surprising end: For some years, NASA and some notable researchers have perceived that signs of intelligent life had been found on the Moon. However, these data are carefully covered.

The world society did not place much emphasis on this book in light of the fact that the articles were unsubstantiated.

In any case, in the mid-1990s, amazing and unimaginable data was demonstrated: that the remains of the most established and indisputably alien civilization could be tracked on the Moon.

Ken Johnston , the former head of image management at NASA’s Lunar Laboratory, as well as other former NASA designers and researchers, made it known in a question-and-answer session in Washington.

“NASA’s concealment of Apollo images portraying ancient lunar remnants” was the key issue.

Ken Johnston revealed what had been kept hidden from the rest of the world for more than 40 years.

Apollo space explorers found and filmed specialized structural rooms of an ancient civilization on the Moon.

In addition, space explorers revealed a gravity control contraption that had not been seen before (perhaps they have mastered the repulsive force innovation).

During the Apollo program, Ken Johnston’s managers at NASA taught him to waste these photos, however he resisted the guidelines and protected them.

A portion of the photos were shown to the press by Johnston. They refer to the verification of extraterrestrial civilization. What did the writers see when they were surprised? The film featured city ruins, huge round things made of glass, drifting stone structures and palaces, and surprisingly, the head of a robot.

The Americans, according to Johnston, transmitted to Earth something that NASA had kept hidden for a while…

There have been several discoveries on the Moon that have confused geologists, such as the discovery of an orange glass pyramid whose beginning is still unclear. The fact that we do not know anything makes another unquestionable need to be found.

After the meeting, additional NASA informants uploaded a considerable number of similar educational lunar photos at the various NASA sites. These are high goal photos.

General individuals all over the world, including standard people, had the option to view these inconceivable images with no limitation on the grounds than the internet.

Is it true that NASA has been hiding the real Moon for all this time?

Following this rare news gathering, a meeting with Richard Hoagland, a NASA specialist, organizer, and association chief specialist for the Entrepreneurial Mission (filled in as a logician for CBS News at the Jet Engine Laboratory) was distributed. NASA during the Apollo 11 mission).

He and Johnston were the ones who released the data. His contemplations on the newly found culture are as follows:

“I accept that the Apollo project demonstrated the presence of a fantastic and ancient civilization, albeit human, on the Moon.” It’s horrendous to consider whose knee our parents put themselves on.

In any case, we have just been allowed to share a small part of the evidence that NASA has collected regarding a tragically vanished ancient human civilization, which proposes that man recently roamed the entire Solar System.

This is supported by the information collected on Mars, which NASA has characterized. Could it be said that you are asking if the ruins of the “new Atlantis” have been found on the Moon? In any case, I accept that it would be more accurate to refer to “old Atlantis”.

The incredible science of that progress allowed them to travel from the Earth to the Moon hundreds (or perhaps a long period of time) ago and develop structures out of a substance that looked like glass. This could be found from the materials that have been revealed.

For example, there is an Egyptian story about Thoth, the lord of information, who is said to have fallen from the Moon and shown man language, composition, construction, and different abilities.

It is simply possible to establish or invalidate the presence of a civilization on the Moon by joining the efforts of several states. Sending a relief mission to the Moon is essential.

On the Moon, what technologies were used?

The book “Dull Mission: The Secret History of NASA” was composed and delivered by Johnston and Hoagland trying to enlighten the entire world on the genuine history that everyone on the Moon is anticipating.

They guarantee that some of the innovation found on the Moon shows a high degree of specialized progress.

The Soviet Union sent an all-terrain vehicle to the Moon that captured images of an ancient civilization. However, they were classified after careful evaluation.

Hence, both NASA and the Soviet government kept the mystery about the presence of stays of designs made by an alien civilization, as well as innovation (which can be found on the Moon as well as in different universes within the Solar System).

There was even the unlimited conviction that the Americans had never gone to the Moon and that the episode of the arrival of an American space traveler was only made in one studio, for example. That is a fabrication.

Scholars of the book accept that this fantasy is deliberate “military duplicity” in light of the realities and NASA examination. It is planned to cover what NASA found on the moon and what made it to Earth.

This occurred in July 1969, shortly after the main space travelers had returned from the moon. They are sure that the basis of this hoax – “we have never been to the Moon” – was laid by NASA itself, in view of what they saw with their own eyes.

What did NASA discover on the Moon?

It was a kind of protection against the shocking research: “What NASA really found on the Moon.”

The creators maintain that the development of the “Moon fantasy” empowered NASA to keep everything related to the “failed” mission to focus on the Moon under wraps.

Concealing the way space travelers were given highly confidential orders to write about each of the valuable ancient alien breakthroughs found nearby.

As stated by specific scholars, rather Richard Hoagland, something of an outsider recently used the Moon as a base of travel while leading exercises on Earth. His hypotheses are supported by legends and fantasies from different societies around the world.

Many kilometers of ruins of lunar cities, transparent vaults of enormous bases, diverse passages and different developments push researchers to rethink their points of view on the issues that affect our habitual satellite.

Another important logical issue is the beginning of the Moon and the attributes of its movement comparable to those of the Earth.

The regular developments of the earth cannot be fixed for specific things to some extent destroyed on the surface of the Moon. They have a confusing design and mathematical association.

A structure enclosed by a tall divider resembling the letter D in the upper Rima Hadley locality, near the Apollo 15 landing site.

There are currently 44 places on the Moon where various antiquities have been found. Experts from the Center for Space Information Bank, the Goddard Space Flight Center and the Houston Planetary Institute are exploring them.

Around the Tycho hole strange porches like rough ground operations have been discovered. Normal geographic cycles cannot make sense of the concentric hexagonal features and the presence of a pass-through on the patio slope.

It is more like a large open pit mining activity. A clear vault can be noticed developing over the hole shaft in the Copernicus cavity district. The vault has a surprising element: a blue-white light emanates from inside.

In fact, even according to lunar principles, there is something captivating about the upper segment of the “Processing Plant” region. A remarkable circle of about 50 meters with a vault at the top sits on a square floor surrounded by diamond-shaped dividers.

Near him appears a round, dark hole in the ground, which looks like the entrance to an underground capon. Between the Copernican cavity and the “industrial facility” region is a completely usual rectangular district of 300 x 400 meters.

The Apollo 10 group captured a mile-wide feature known as the “Palace,” which floats at an altitude of 14 kilometers and casts a striking shadow on the lunar surface (AS10-32-4822).

It gives the impression of being made up of several round, hollow parts and a huge restraining unit. The interior cell design of the hanging “Palace” is discernible in one of the photos, providing the appearance with which the singular pieces of the thing are straightforward.

During the instructions, which were attended by some NASA specialists, it was discovered that when Richard Hoagland returned to the NASA document to recover the first photos of the “Palace”, they were no longer there. They even disappeared from the assortment of photographs taken by the Apollo 10 crew.

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