Videos: Madness After A “Humanoid-Like” Object Seen In The Sky! In Russia And Switzerland.

Youtuber recently captured a strange “type of human body” object floating in the sky in the Swiss city of Switzerland, which caused a lot of controversy after recording a video.

The filming location is in the capital ,, Switzerland, where it is located in northwest Switzerland, where the film-maker didem y closes the video when it is recorded.

This look looks like a robe, with the head of a “type of human” object very smooth “standing” in the sky, also like an upright cylindrical body, Gray, because the distance shot has a distance, so I see no signs or other features, what kind of object is that?
Please take a closer look, and it is interesting that it seems there is a tail underneath it, and the wind is up.


Some people believe that this object is something of the world, wearing a sweatshirt or cloak, also someone thinks it’s just a balloon, an ad hot air balloon like a Goodyear airship, or an advertisement that’s packaged, what do you think, is it in?

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