Incredible UFO Abduction of Four Young Children in Argentina

On August 9th, 1992, four young children from Concorde, Argentina had a truly extraordinary experience. While playing in a field, they were suddenly enveloped in a bright blue light and taken aboard a 75-foot saucer-shaped spacecraft. The ship, which was reportedly driven by a being that the children referred to as “Laiar,” took the siblings on a three-day journey through the cosmos, showing them the moon and other celestial bodies.

According to the children, Laiar was a friendly figure who wore golden robes and had long silver hair. He seemed to be “all shiny,” and had a large head and two big yellow eyes. Despite the initial fear that the abduction caused, the kids ultimately came to see Laiar as a friend, with the youngest, Carlos Molero, saying “he is our friend.”

During their time on the spacecraft, the children were subjected to some sort of medical testing, as evidenced by needle marks and scraped on their cheeks upon their return. It is not yet clear what exactly happened during their time on the ship, but authorities are reportedly continuing to interview the children in an effort to gather more information.

Despite the fact that military authorities have neither confirmed nor denied reports that a UFO was detected on radar during the period in which the children were abducted, UFO researcher Armando Azparen is reportedly trying to get in touch with the kids to learn more about their experience.

While it may be difficult to believe, the accounts of these four young children, who are too young to be capable of lying according to police investigator Roderigo Ortiz, paint a truly incredible picture of a journey through the stars. As the investigation continues and more information comes to light, it will be interesting to see if we are able to gain a clearer understanding of this extraordinary event.

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